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Hi Everone,

This is not a question but a thank you!

I have just managed to find a sales person in Adelaide South Australia who was willing to let me try a CD-RW and after trying a couple of DVD player brands and finally going back to Sony I got a screen image.

Someone said on this site that videocd images on a TV are "either VHS+ or terrible". What I saw to day was certainly VHS+ and I AM HOOKED.

Thanks "Lone Ranger" for the help offline but despite the error I kept getting in winoncd the end result was great and I would suggest an excellent way of archiving one movies. All the muckin about to get the best image on a computer screen was worth it.

Thanks a lot.

-- Ross McLennan (, July 10, 1999


What capture card are you using?

-- Ken Kinter (, October 12, 1999.

A very old (5 years in NLE) overworked analogue miro DC20 which does not capture directly in the CCIR 601 format or at the correct frame size for a videocd. I have to re render the project in premier 5.1 to achieved the correct PAL pixel aspect ratio of 0.9150. Even so, with digital source material, the image quality is excellent from the dvd player and way above what could be achieved from hi8, svhs or vhs as the source.

Unfortunately most experienced analogue NLE users have in the past used cropped captures as a way of improving the image quality and that process cannot be used as a source for videocd's without degrading the image. Thats probably why most NLE dv capture cards do not have that ability and only capture at full frame.

-- Ross McL (, October 12, 1999.

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