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I heat with oil and of course want to prepare for no oil delivery. Can someone help me with instruction of a teepee or yurt on a shoestring budget? I plan on getting a couple cords of wood and will keep a fire in the teepee/yurt if/when we run out of oil. I'm new to waking up to how little time I have left, probably because my wife isn't as concerned as I am. With so little time, this forum and you all have helped me a great deal already. I hope I, too will have something to contribute. May I humbly suggest that people consider giving up smoking cigs before TSHTF. I NEVER thought I could quit. Done it a hundred times. This time I got my Doc to prescribe ZOLOFT, an antidepressant. I let it build up 2 wks, then just quit, AGAIN. It's been 6 mos now! I think I've done it this time. I wouldn't want to be dyin' for a smoke if I couldn't get em in the middle of the mess we might be facing. I'm cutting down on the zoloft now, and will get that out of my system in another week. This is for those of us who go seriously NUTS when tryin' to stop. For what's worth.

-- Bob (, July 09, 1999



A Teepee, it is funny that you should mention it. Poles, tarps (sailcloth?) make a platform around the heatsource and they would be excelent to take the kids out camping in. Of course you didn't mention your circumstance. Do you live in the city, country, have land, plan to travel, how big? For poles I would use rigid electrical conduit for a small one and small trees for a larger one. Teepees had to be a good idea to live in the element as the Native North Americans used them.

Not everbodys choice of course

-- Brian (, July 10, 1999.

There are plenty of web pages about yurts, but they are not for a shoestring budget. Cheaper than building a house though.

I saw a yurt once at a campground. They used three pieces of pipe for a center tripod, tied together with some heavy wire where they cross. The top was a big circle of canvas, with a circular hole in the center and a slit from the center to the edge. There were grommets along the slit so you could lace it closed. Several guy ropes were attached about 2 or 3 feet from the edge (so some of the cloth hung down to the ground) and run out to big tent pegs.

I don't remember how the cloth was attached to the poles. The poles were much more vertical than the cloth so it could only have been attached around the inner edge. I guess you could put grommets around the inner circle and wire them to the poles.

They had a fire going between the poles, and a pot hanging by a chain from the poles. You can't do that in a little plastic dome tent !

-- biker (, July 10, 1999.

zoloft sucks,it'll slash your libido

-- zoobie (, July 10, 1999.


In many cases that is true of the SSRI class of pharmaceuticals, such as Zoloft, Paxil and Prozac. One might try a natural alternative to antidepressants, such as St. John's Wort. If "slashed libido" (and who needs that when Y2K keeps us all indoors?) from antidepressants is a problem, sometimes the supplement Yohimbe is effective.

-- RUOK (, July 10, 1999.

allow me to clarify....I suggest zoloft for those who feel hopelessly addicted to cigarettes....I really do hate chemical companies,and agree St John's Wort would be a better alternative. But I thought it took weeks to build up and that it's different in everyone's body,ie need to find what level/time build up will work. As a strictly temporary measure the zoloft was quicker and surer. Didn't notice much change in libido, frankly. Even if there was I'd still do it, and recommend it.....anything to get off the cigarettes. thanks for the comments on teepees/yurts. I still need detailed instructions. A friend has told me that I'll need a piece of canvas 24'x24' to cover a pvc framework 10' dia &8'high. I figure to cut a hole in the top for smoke hole, don't yet know how I'll hang it. Is all canvas waterproof? Any ideas on adding insulation?

-- Bob (, July 11, 1999.

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