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Well,'s someone else Poole owes an apology. What a surprise...

Roleigh Martin says to Poole, (snip) "Your assertion is patently untrue. It's one thing to take a Y2K downplaying stance; it is another thing to distort people's research in order to erroneously smear them... Please correct your slanderous paragraph." (end snip) Now, ya gotta ask yourself, what would Jesus do?

-- I can't spell CET (, July 09, 1999


On a related note, I notice Poole now has click-thru advertisements on his site, neatly tucked between animated gifs of cartoon characters saying "Y2K has been fixed". What a freakin hypocrite.

-- a (a@a.a), July 09, 1999.

RM had to ask if it was a hoax. Non compliant transistors. What a laugh.

-- Paul Davis (, July 10, 1999.

RM had to ask if it was a hoax. Non compliant transistors. What a laugh.

Cute diversion from the issue.

-- Lane Core Jr. (, July 10, 1999.

I wish you would take that Dallas job, Paul. I'd like to meet you on a street corner in Big D somewhere and kick your sorry ass.

-- Vic (, July 10, 1999. dog people here too???? lol... Paul, I like your factual posts, keep it up. In this case though, I do agree that Roleigh's position was distorted. And he wasn't the only Y2K expert who had to ask. I will not name the others that fell for it when I linked to this hilarious post for the sheer humor....suffice it to say my link and my attached statements claiming "I was concerned.." made it into more than a few experts mailboxes. However, considering that a number of the experts backgrounds are in IT, software, etc., I think we should'nt be too hard on them for not knowing without least they asked :)

Vic...hmmm...aren't you taking all of this a bit too seriously???



-- FactFinder (, July 10, 1999.

FactFinder, when are you going to present some FACTS????


-- Ray (, July 10, 1999.

Go easy on him Ray. Things have been way busy lately at Billy Bob's Doughnut Emporium.

-- Will continue (, July 10, 1999.

Ray, Will, children, I never claimed to have all the facts, just that I try to find them...hey, maybe that's why I sign as FactFinder, instead of FactKnower...get it? See, it's fact Regards,

-- FactFinder (, July 10, 1999.

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