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Does anyone have a link or plans they could share on building and using a smoker for fish, game etc?

Neil W

-- bunny (, July 09, 1999


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-- Mikey's_hoping (, July 09, 1999.

EERRrrr! Sorry just tired I guess

You can use the dehydrator as a smoker, but you will need to either use it as a cold smoker, (smoke from the outside vented in through the box), or change the interior walls of the box to plywood lined with bbq paint and foil.

Good luck if you have further questions feel free to email me.

PS Cold smokers are very good as they do not cook the food being smoked, which I prefer. Choices?

-- Michael (, July 09, 1999.

My husband built a tall smoker, probably about 8' high, using a commercial cooler (old) that has 3 doors. He put racks on all three levels & has a fire box, sitting on the ground next to it. He built a pavillion type cover over it & can adjust the vent at the top of the stack with a small chain that hangs down. We used to be in the BBQ business,so hubby knew what he was doing. He is really interested in cold smoking, so he put a fire place insert about 6 ft. from the smoker,(top of it covered with dirt) & ran pipe underground to the smoker. He has been reading a lot about the process, & has ordered mesh bags for hanging the hams & other things he needs to prep meats before smoking. We haven't cold smoked yet, but do lots of turkeys, hams, pork bbq, ribs, & beef brisket at an even temp of 220 for about 12 hours. When he fires it up, friends & family bring over whatever they want to smoke. He's anxious to experiment with the cold smoking, so he'll be doing that soon.

-- Carol Ann (, July 10, 1999.

You can use an old refrigertor. The details are in the readers digest book, Back to the Basics.

-- Moore Dinty moore (, July 12, 1999.

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