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Sorry. This just hit me funny, as in: "Will alleged fear mongers eventually be locked up on the grounds that they represent a threat to a nation's security?"

-- it's (hard@nottobe.cynical), July 09, 1999


Date: 1999-07-09 09:17:55
Subject: Next Posting: Tuesday, July 13

Comment: I will be spending the weekend in prison. I work with the Kairos prison ministry. A team of us will spend Saturday and Sunday morning in a prison gym in East Texas that does not have air conditioning. It makes the theme of the meeting more understandable.

-- the truth (post@thewhole.thing), July 09, 1999.


Just observe the De Bunker post graphic someone linked below. Do not post a message to De Bunker, unless you want your ISP logged in cpr's files.

-- Sysop #1 (, July 09, 1999.



Just observe the De Bunker post graphic someone linked above. Do not post a message to De Bunker, unless you want your ISP logged in cpr's files.


-- Diane J. Squire (, July 09, 1999.


Thanks for posting the warning...but, it still seems high risk that someone not very familiar with the 'net will accidentally post to the link placed here. It would be unfortunate (at best) for anyone to inadvertently end up in cpr's database. Is there a way you can edit the post to retain the quote from cpr, while taking out the link?

BTW, this is a very weird quote, does anyone have information to explain it? Am I reading correctly that cpr claims that Peter de Jager himself called CPR on the phone to complain about Gary North? That CPR asked de Jager for permission to "take down" Gary North's forum? That someone named Anne gave him limited permission to do so? That this Anne person gave CPR orders to "take it off line" by using the GNBFI forum? Surely I am misunderstanding something here...? And, who the heck is Anne?

-- RUOK (, July 09, 1999.

Amy, not Anne.

-- RUOK (, July 09, 1999.


Who knows if what "cpr" says is accurate or not.

Got rid of the "add a response" form.

Someone posting this info wanted people here to see this, but I have no desire to make it easy for people inadvertently post there, unless they choose to do so.

Their choice. Or it should be.


-- Diane J. Squire (, July 09, 1999.

Thanks, Diane!

-- RUOK (, July 09, 1999.

Would that be as in Elmer?????

one of the gang of 8

-- jes' an ol' football player (nighttr@in.lane), July 09, 1999.

Pfffft! Mutha,

That's a natural part of any forum software. De Bunker/Inside The Web too. This one was developed at MIT. That's no secret and Phil Greenspun makes it easy to read all about it, with several forum links.

"If you're interested in how this software evolved and/or want to learn how to build similar systems yourself, then you should read Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing."

No one at MIT, nor do I, et. al. collect ISP info for FBI files or otherwise, to my knowledge, whereas your leader has stated that he does. Quite publicly.

If we have a "Troll" (sorry Decker but the word fits best in the internet vernacular) or "pigwidgeon" problem that needs to be addressed, with a "abuse" portion of an ISP's services, that's a different issue. Polly's are welcome to post here, "trolls" who are regularly and OBSCENELY abusive, MAY get reported... if NOTHING else works to get them to stop.


F.Y.I. see the related sub-posts...

FBI monitoring Y2k EXTREMISTS and LISTS (cpr) (17-May-1999 12:41:43)

http:// 926959303&P=No&TL=926959303

-- Diane J. Squire (, July 09, 1999.

Holy toledo....this bum has alot of nerve suggesting *doomers* are paranoid. help immediately, you are one wacked out, brain-bent-dude, cpr. And a lonely little name dropper, as well.

In case you're interested, the Federal government is considering financial aid to be given to other countries (continents?) for HIV meds, or so I heard this morning. The world fears the development of a drug resistant strain. Hmmmmmmm. Hope some didn't discount North's fear about aids too soon. Put yourself to good use and go prey upon the dying! We're all about 'living' on this forum. Good lord....... what's next from you? Mumbling 'the itsy bitsy spider' while fondling your grenades?

-- Will continue (, July 09, 1999.

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