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I manage a team of 5 people. Recently, I have added 2 new members to the team and they have not been well recieved by the other members due to personality conflicts. How does a manager work through a situation like this?

-- Stephanie (, July 09, 1999


You need to introduce the concept of synergy to them; 2+2=5. In other words they must understand the value of working as a team, and, work team effectiveness. They must agree, at least, to disagree.


-- Baha Abu-Shaqra (, July 09, 1999.

Do an anonymous(sp?) survey of what the issues are.. (this avoids putting the existing members in an uncomfortable position of owning up to negative feelings in public).

Distribute cards among the original members and have them answer the follwing question (anonymously. "I am having problems teaming with ...(names of the two new members) because..." Let them give three reasons. Summarize and evaluate your answers. At the next team process meeting, dicusss these issues.

I believe that what you might be experiencing is a territorial problem. Let me know how you solved this if you can.

-- Vicky Pope (, July 11, 1999.

All members of the team need to buy into a common goal and be able to verbalize it the same way. Then after that occurs, each must see that without the other the goal cannot be accomplished. You cannot just tell them, they have to tell you why they need each other. Once that happens, interpersonal issues/conflicts become a secondary concern and each is focused on what you need them focused on.

-- Rosa-Fay Milnar (, July 11, 1999.

Well put concerning the common goal!

I would just like to suggest that you might consider multiple common goals and do not overlook basic ones such as customer focus.

You need a constant reminder for all team members as to who they are here for and answer that all important question: "How are we doing?"

-- George Reavis (, July 16, 1999.


It seems you are getting great advice on how to keep people focused on the goals, but if personal issues continue to get in the way consider a team building strategy that would build trust between members and explore individual differences in motivation and communication style.

-- Lois Taller (, September 02, 1999.

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