What's the difference between CDV and VCD?

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Okay...I know this is probably a REAL stupid question, but what the heck. Will my VCDs work on a CD/CDV/LD player? I'm assuming there 2 totally different formats and aren't at all compatible but I need some confirmation. The question was thrown at me and truthfully I couldn't provide an educated answer. Can anybody help out?

Thanks for your time and patience.

-- Robert(Slide)Snider (rsnider1@san.rr.com), July 09, 1999


I own a CD/CDV/LD player and it will play CD, CDVideo and LD, but not VideoCD(VCD). I also own a CD/VCD/LD player and it will play CD, VideoCD(VCD) and LD - not sure about CDVideo because I do not have one and it is not normally available.

-- Tomo (ong@worksafe.wa.gov.au), July 09, 1999.

CDV is a form of LaserDisc. VCD is not LaserDisc, it is actually a CD with a movie file on it. Later.

-- Mr.Ian Roswell (cyberlien51@juno.com), July 09, 1999.

CDV (CD Video) like the person who posted before said, is a type of laserdisc. You must understand that laserdisc does not use any compression, hence the size of the discs. CDV holds up to I believe 20min of video and is just a smaller form of laserdisc and is uncompressed, unlike VCD which uses MPEG compression

-- MrVCD (mrvcd@juno.com), July 15, 1999.

Like the above posts, a video cd is simply an audio cd with a digitally compressed video format on it. A CDV is actually written using variable sized pits (variable in length) to form an analog video signal when read by the laser and is the same format as the full size laser disks. Because of this, I'm not sure we can write CDV's with a normal digital burner (that uses one size pit to encode either an on or off). But that is the difference, laser disks are analog (CDV) and video cd's are digital (VCD).

-- Gordon Lupien (glupien@cyber1.servtech.com), July 28, 1999.

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