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I'd appreciate any info. on availability and price for the rental of a big-rig style tanker trailer for use as a diesel fuel storage depot. All relevant advice on this topic appreciated.

-- Puddintame (, July 09, 1999


Rather than lease a tanker, consider buying an old bus (or more than one). Once the engine is shot and the body starts to go, these can be had for little more than hauling them away. Their fuel tanks don't begin to hold as much as a tanker, obviously, but they hold alot. And the bus can server double duty as storage of junky stuff you aren't worried about being stolen but can't bear to throw away. Plus having a junker parked at your place is a sign that says "welfare" to every passer by, and if you're anticipating needing that much fuel I guess you might be worried about looters too. Nothing deters a looter like the idea that there is nothing worth looting.

Also, check auction sales. We got a 275 gallon tank for under $20, and it had about 30 gallons of diesel in it. Years ago my dad got a 1000 gallon tank for roughly the same amount of money (can't remember) because nobody else at the sale really wanted a tank that big.

-- Gus (, July 09, 1999.

Check with any local tanker trucking companies about old tank trailers for sale. It seems like most companies are changing over to new larger tank trailers, so older ones may be available for a good price. You might have to get the trailer delivered empty and then have the fuel delivered, but you could still have a lot of storage capacity.

Also try local home heating oil delivery companies to see if they have old tanker trucks available for sale. There won't be as much storage space as one semi-trailer tank, but you might get a two for one deal at as good a price. Also the heating oil folks might have just the tanks for sale, too.


-- Wildweasel (, July 11, 1999.

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