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I was told by that they are working on a player that support MP3 music on a CD. It is possible? They told me that it can read any directories that contains the mp3 music as well as it can play SVCD.

-- vm (, July 09, 1999


Yes but it will be several months. One problem they are working on is manufacturing and production. The major problem,however, is cost and effectiveness. You see the U.S. never heard of SVCD, it is not available in stores, nor is it easy to find on the internet. We are used to DVD and well so far no one is making a DVD/MP3 player. So far this player ranges about $500-$700 U.S.

-- Will Shakes (, July 09, 1999.

I ask them about the price, they said it below US300 without shipping. They told me that they are going to have on thier web site to see the demand by next week. It seem like not in several months but by next week.

-- vm (, July 09, 1999.

I just bought a an APEX AD703 3 Disk DVD changer. It's awesome and it only costs $229.00. Has a built in MP3 decoder and can actually read and play MP3 files. The player even displays the title (or filename) on screen so you can use it to select the songs. Also, this player excepts all types of CD's. I've created, copied and tested various CD-R's (silver-silver, regular) as well as CD-RW's and this machine accepts them all. I haven't tested a SVCD in it yet, but becuase it accepts CD-Rs, I'm sure it won't be a problem. Also, this machine has a build in Dolby-Digital Decoder. If you need info on it or want to buy it, go to Circuit City's website under the DVD section... that's where I got mine.

-- (, September 22, 2000.

It's hard to find this item in any of circuit city stores in tri- state area nowadays especially after the Christmas Season but I found one store that even has much lower price of $159.99. You can go to their website or at Yahoo! store at

-- Rene B. (, January 02, 2001.

Anybody have the backdoor loophole into the Apex AD703 to turn off Macrovision? I have it for the AD600 but it doesn't work for the 703. Also, anyone able to get the "shuffle" play to work for MP3 discs? With a hundred or so songs it helps to play them randomly instead of alphabetically all the time.

-- digitaldude (, January 13, 2001.


-- Apex AD703 (, February 26, 2001.

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