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Has anyone had any experiences with purchasing bulk grains from Feed and Tack stores? I bought 50lbs of rolled oats today from a feed store then got home and wondered if the stuff will be fit for human consumption or not?

I'm only out 7 dollars if it's not, but I should get rid of it if I won't be able to eat it, cause it's taking up space.

Anyone out there done this? Any input greatly appreciated.

-- Bot Some (, July 08, 1999



I also have bought a lot of grain from the feed store and am planning to use it for my family as well as the goats and chickens if need be. "Recleaned wheat and corn" has been cleaned twice. What you generally buy for humans is "triple cleaned" and has usually had more stringent testing done for contaminants. I called the company on the tag and talked to them and they explained all the tests they do on the animal feed and when I asked about us eating it he said he really could not see any problem. There are other threads on this subject... My first choice is to buy primo human food but feel ok stocking up equal amounts of the "animal" grade. The wheat may not be the best for bread but makes tortillas, pancakes, quickbreads just fine - already tried it! I would recommend you call the company who bags the grain - see how comfortable you are with the information they give you and take if from there. Also consider if the grain has sat around at the feed store for a long time - think about heat causing it to "age/go rancid, etc." or pests/moisture to contaminate it. I personally haven't had any problems and have bought about 800 lbs of corn and wheat that way - costs about half compared to buying it at the store. Good luck!

-- Kristi (, July 08, 1999.

I can't afford to buy any more organic Arrowhead Mills wheat, corn, or soybeans. Only wild greens are cheaper survival food than feed grains. Buy a variety, soybeans, barley, oats, corn, millet, and wheat...triticale if you can find it. You can plant all of them except the corn with no concern for hybrid problems. They are normally not sprayed as heavily as the lovely vegetables and fruits from your grocery store.

-- Sand Mueller (, July 09, 1999.

I have read that some of the feed corn should not be eaten by humans. (Has a bacterium or virus or something.)

I asked one of my grain growers about feed quality wheat. Confirms what prior poster said about the cleaning. My grower said it just has more chaff, weed seed and rat chervis in it than human quality.

One caution, however. Don't plant feed for seed. It may have highly invasive weed seed in it. Our ag commissioner at the Cal. Oregon border is confiscating all oat feed in quantities over 500 lbs. for testing. Seems someone brought some in and planted it and introduced some noxious weeds into our area that threaten local crops.

-- marsh (, July 09, 1999.

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