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1. Build up a reference library. Thrift stores, second hand bookstores, and library and garage sales are all sources. Subjects might include: first aid manuals, bicycle repair, herbs, cookbooks for grains and beans, sewing and knitting, home repair, gardening, health and medicine, homesteading, and anything else hands on and how-to.

2. Look for yarn, knitting needles, sewing supplies and patterns. Fabric and sewing stores which are going out of business are a good source.

3. Feed and Farm Supply stores carry lots of good stuff inexpensively. Look for Betadine for your First Aid kit (much cheaper than at a pharmacy), and Bag Balm for chapped hands. Candlemaking supplies such as wicking and beeswax are priced much lower than at a craft store. Animal feeds, including those for domestic pets, may be inexpensive.

4. FREE SEEDS: Free seeds are available to groups through the America the Beautiful Fund, Dept. MP, Suite 1002, 1730 K St. NW, Washington, DC, 20006. Send a SASE for an application form. Seed companies donate last years extra food and flower seeds: their germination rate may be a little lower, but this is a wonderful program!

5. Herbs, teas, and spices are available at rock-bottom prices from San Francisco Herb Co. (800) 227-4530. Quality is excellent, and quantity for the price exceptional.

6. Pets: Begin to accustom pets to any new foods you plan to store for them. Like children, many will refuse to eat new foods, even if hungry. Look into low-cost vaccination clinics.

7. Home Security: Dogs, and beware of dog signs are good. Secure windows and sliding glass doors with narrow boards in the opening tracks. In hurricane country, folks cut plywood to fit window frames, drill screw holes through into the frames, and put them up as needed.

Make sure your battery smoke alarms work, and consider buying an extra ABC fire extinguisher. Make sure they are the refillable kind. I keep an open box of baking soda next to the stove for grease fires.

8. Tend to your health now. If you have insurance, get your checkup. Ask for free samples of your prescriptions. Request three month refills of prescriptions, too.

Watch for low cost health screening and vaccination programs. Someone at your local fire department will usually be glad to take your blood pressure if you need to watch it.

Teeth cleaning, X-rays, and other services can often be obtained for free at schools for dental technicians and dentists. Check your local junior college and health dept.

-- seraphima (, July 08, 1999


seraphima-Thanks for the good ideas. I'm always glad to see someone who's as cheap, er, frugal as I! I will definitely check into the free seed offer. Thanks again, Linda

-- newbiebutnodummy (, July 08, 1999.

More great ideas !

Does everybody know that Wal-mart has a blood pressure machine in their pharmacy if you need to check it? Free and there even when the Pharmacy is closed.

Hint: If you've been running around the store, sit and relax a minute before starting it!

-- sue (, July 08, 1999.

Seraphima, you are so kind to share so much valuable information with us all! Thank you so much for your time and caring in doing this. I print out everything you contribute, and am making copies for those who either don't have internet access or else cannot find time out at work or evenings to do the necessary research for surviving Y2K. The seraphim are angels that serve God, so your name is very fitting!

-- Elaine Seavey (, July 09, 1999.

medications are tops on my list. i got generic versions so i can buy 100 tabs at a time, cheap.

-- jocelyne slough (, July 10, 1999.

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