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Heeding the call.

I posted this months ago, but I'll do so again. It concerns generators for those interested in that alternative energy source.

If you're in the market, take a long, hard look at welding rigs. That's right, welding rigs, the kind you see in the back end of dualie pickups.

A welding rig is nothing more than a generator with a few extras on it. We have an 8,500-watt model that runs on propane. We have another that is tri-fuel, and a propane conversion kit for a third.

The welding rigs are attractive because of their cost. An 8,500-watt welding rig is considerably cheaper than an 8,500-watt generator. Supply and demand.

Ours has an Onan engine, and you can't do much better than that. Onans are far superior to Briggs & Stratton engines--even their top of the line models.

Generators aren't for everyone, but if you're considering one, consider my advice.

-- Vic (, July 08, 1999

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