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An earlier post by Shivani,recommended giving the impression of having a large dog by putting out a large dog bowl & partly chewed large bone.

Another way is to buy one of those tape recordings of a loudly barking dog which are triggered off everytime the door buzzer goes. Cannot give you a USA source but most dog magazines carry suppliers adverts.

(Sorry Russ,I just couldn't resist the title.I just know that Mrs Big Dog prefers you to a tape recording !!)

-- Chris (, July 08, 1999


Or, possibly, one could get a BIG dog....

We just got a German Shephard puppy who will probably weigh in at about 140 lbs. when he is grown.

I just kinda wanted something that would make a traveller on the road in front of the house think twice before stopping if my wife and daughter are out working in the garden or whatever.

-- Jon Williamson (, July 08, 1999.

My brother has a Leonburger (sp?). Huge dog, very protective, and eats remarkably little. (Expensive though, he bought him thinking he could make the money back in stud fees.) Big dogs don't need to be expensive, and they can eat the same kind of food you eat, plus stuff you wouldn't want to eat.

-- Gus (, July 08, 1999.

Generally big dogs eat lots of food. They are pretty onmivorous but some dogs can get persnickety if they are indulged. We had a Norwegian Elkhound once who ate most everything but green peas -- she'd clean off a mixed up plate and walk away from it leaving 7 clean little green peas behind.

-- Tom Carey (, July 09, 1999.

I vote for the big dogs. I have 2 rottwillers both over 130 lbs. Great friends of mine, I would not recommend this bread to every one, especially people with kids that are new to dogs. Big dogs are a big responsibility, but for the right people there is nothing better. I don't know about other dog owners but our dogs make great judgement calls on people, They seem to know what people are all about when they meet them. Anyone else notice this?

-- Greenthumb G.I. (greenthumb@i.g.i.), July 09, 1999.

I'm biting my tongue hard on this thread, Chris! ;-D

LOL Tom! I cook for my dogs (Dr. Pitcairn-style diet). Bingo Jr. will eat french-cut green beans but not the regular sliced green beans. Truth!

-- Bingo1 (, July 09, 1999.

I also prefer the real dog (in the large economy size). I have a wonderful large brown dog that we got from the animal shelter. I think that the initial cost was something like $23.10! He eats generic dog food cost is low. Vet bills can be high, but we think he's worth it. He also takes us for several long walks each day, so he helps our physical preparedness, too!

-- Mad Monk (, July 09, 1999.

As some of you may know from earlier answers we too have a real big Turkish Sheepdog.All muscle & teeth & can run at 30mph.He ain't cuddly except if you stick your finger in his ear first.(Now that's really weird!).Loves fish,pizza,cheese & rice & crunchy critters.

We are going to have to fly him out to our new home & I for one am not looking forward to getting him in his crate without a muzzle.I just hope he doesn't get sick from eating all those lizards that change colour in the tropics as he is a great mouser.

-- Chris (, July 10, 1999.

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