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We have a DSP Arizona connected with SCSI-2 cable and PosterShop Pro 4.5 installed (including the new PS 4.5 Addenum).

We configured the SCSI Port in the software, but we try to print, we got an error message about some win95 library (WinASPI). We tried to get it in Microsoft Web Site but nothing. If there is anyone there who can tell us where to find the WinASPI library (.dll) in order to print to the Arizona with PS 4.5?.


-- Anonymous, July 08, 1999



SCSI Printer connections using Windows 95 or 98 are problematic. We don't suggest that you continue working with Windows 95/98 for this connection to your DSP Arizona. Windows NT is the preferred platform. But, if you have a requirement that prevents you from using Windows NT, here is a solution. WinASPI is provided as a separate purchase from Adaptec Inc. and is called EZ-SCSI Deluxe for Windows NT/95/98 and you can check it out at this internet site:

You will also need to download a fix for the Windows 95 environment that prevents crashes when a SCSI printer is connected while booting. The filename is called IOSUPD.EXE and is available on MicroSoft's Web Site at: - or -

Please read the information presented on these websites before attempting an upgrade to your Windows 95 system. You may not need the upgrade. And, notice that there are two different versions, and I wish I knew what the real differences were between the two. You will have to check with MicroSoft and your current installation to determine which one is appropriate for your Operating System.

You may still have other connection/booting problems with Windows 95, but it sounds like you have overcome that hurdle.

Good Luck.

-- Anonymous, July 08, 1999

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