A Word About Vendors But Requesting Recommendations

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I feel strongly that vendors, even cool ones, shouldn't post direct pitches and links to themselves on this forum. We have added a simple statement to that effect on the posting instructions, so deletions for this don't come out of the blue.

That said,

We welcome recommendations by all us PREPPERS for vendors in the context of threads. A lot of our talk has to do with "what works, what doesn't."

In fact, when you mention something cool (I'm thinking of the thread on emergency blankets at the moment), always mention the product vendor, if you can, relative price and, where you have it, a Web link. If we don't know where you got it and what you spent, we're spinning our wheels.

Likewise for the stuff that was a bust.

This may sound like hair-splitting, but I hope we can see the reason for the policy -- while encouraging all of us to serve as product "reviewers".

As for vendors, they are more than welcome to post their own subject expertise on threads and we strongly encourage it (energy, weapons, food, tools, etc). Just no self-pitches, pls.

-- BigDog (BigDog@duffer.com), July 08, 1999

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