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I installed a LE103 in a P1K F-3(HO). I programmed the decoder with a PR1 and track tested it. All works out OK except the light does not work. I soldered the decoder to the P1,4,5,6,7,8 points on the board(using the NMRA standard) after cutting the 3 traces as indicated. I retained the original pcb and light(1.5v). I did not change the original light connections. The engine performs well on both the 14 and 28 steps(status edit) but I can not get the light to operate. Any help or advise would be appreciated. Leonard.

-- Leonard Stern (, July 08, 1999



The decoder puts out near track voltage (12-14 volts) to the light connections. with you retaining the 1.5volt bulp - the light probably worked real well for a brief time (measured in ns.) and then "poof". I don't have that engine and can't follow the trace cutting etc. that you did - but if the PCB was somehow now wired with the lights driven directly by the decode then you have to replace the bulbs with preferably 16-18 volt bulbs or use the dual diode and resistor substitution (my preference) to drive 1.5 volt bulbs. See the excellent treatment on the options that Don Crano provides in the tips section from his page at:

-- Ed McCamey (, July 08, 1999.

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