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This recipe came down in my family from Colonial America days. (lets see, for me thats about 5 generations back. LOL) I defy you to say it doesn't taste like maple syrup. It even has that after taste of maple syrup..I am talking of the REAL maple syrup, not Log Cabin. Anyway, its a lot cheaper than real maple syrup.

wash good and boil 6 medium potatoes unpeeled (use the ones with good hides, like Idaho)

boil in 2 cups of water until only one cup of water remains.

Remove potatoes

Bring liquid to a boil

Add 1 cup of white sugar and 1 cup of brown sugar

Dissolve and then cook for about 1 minute.

Pour into bottle and place in a dark place for a week before using.


-- Taz (Tassie, July 08, 1999


Dear Taz, If we were to use "Irish" potatoes would we then have a Mickey Mouse version ?

-- a slightly better (, July 08, 1999.

Thanks for the recipe, Taz. But, come on! Only 5 generations back to colonial America?

A generation is about 30 years. Let's see. 30 times 5 equals 150 years. 1999 minus 150 equals 1849. 1849 minus 1776 equals 73.

That would make you a minimum of 73 years old it every one of your mothers/grandmothers gave birth to your line at 30 years of age (not likely) and they showed up in America at the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

It looks like I'm half your age and I'm 11th generation American (family arriving in 1752).

Taz, no disrespect is intended and, I hope, none taken.

-- Robert (, July 08, 1999.

Robert, Taz said LOL. By the way, I found a large container of Maple Cinnammon spice at Sam's that has a fantastic flavor. The name brand is Tone's. Thanks for the recipe. How long will this keep on the shelf?

-- Carol (, July 08, 1999.

Actually I am 62 and am 11th generation and they came in 1635 on the Winthrop fleet into Boston Harbor from England.The syrup should last a long time. If it gets sugary, just heat up again. Weather alert just went off...gotta unplug!!


-- Taz (Tassie, July 08, 1999.


This just about the only syrup I had growing up and you are right it is delicious.

-Greybear, whos great-great grandfather (that's 4 generations ago) was born in 1797. Put that in you 30yr-generations pipe and ponder it.

-- Greybear (, July 09, 1999.

Taz, Have you ever canned any of your syrup? I would like to put back a few jars if you it will process. (hot water or pressure)? Also can you make up more than 1 batch at a time?

-- Beth (, October 18, 1999.

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