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I know most of you have given up on trying to convince anybody at this late stage in the game. I don't blame you, but there is a must read link in the thread below called Thelma and Louise's Prep by Katherine Carr. On this site is a link called Pascal's Logic. Maybe one of you could link it here.

-- sue (, July 08, 1999


Don't worry, EVERYONE is GONNA GET IT come January.

By then it will be too late

-- Grand Admiral (, July 08, 1999.

On Thursday, July 8th, sue said: "Maybe one of you could link it here. " Pascal's Logic

-- LinkDancr (, July 08, 1999.

Typical simplicity from a site designed to fleece as many Doomer Rubes as possible. Those with IQs over 80 won't be fooled...

-- Y2K Pro (, July 08, 1999.

Good one sue. And you can have all the "fleece" I got.

-- Mike (, July 08, 1999.


-- al-d. (CATT@ZIANET.COM), July 08, 1999.

Yeah, really, Pro. Put the bong away already.

-- Lisa (, July 08, 1999.


as I said on Katherines thread , this is only for those with a plus number IQ. How did you sneak in there?

-- sue (, July 08, 1999.


...I take it you are one of the embarrassed Rubes who has already been fleeced. My sympathies...

-- Y2K Pro (, July 08, 1999.

The reasoning in Pascal's Logic is the basis of insurance. Comparing Y2K preparation with buying insurance is another way to try to persuade the DGIs. For example, I renew my life insurance every year even though the chance of my dying in the next year is quite low.

Now the "calculation" is a little more complex than what Pascal used; Pascal's logic is two-valued. In the case of insurance, I weigh the risk (low, but positive), the possible outcome (death), and the cost of the insurance, and decide that insurance is worthwhile.

Looking at it this way, I think the case for Y2K preps is even stronger than that for buying life insurance. The risk is uncertain; the possible outcomes range from inconvenience to devastation; and in many cases you can use the preps even if Y2K is less than what you prepare for. The preps are good for other disasters like ice storms or hurricanes.

-- Bruce (, July 08, 1999.


When I encounter a DGI who won't listen and seriously consider the Y2K issues, and if I don't particularly like that DGI as a person, then that DGI is on his/her own.

-- Randolph (, July 08, 1999.

That link was good, sue. Thanks. I feel a responsibility toward a lot of people to tell them about Y2K. If (when) they don't listen, I let it go. I tell people who have children that they ought to prepare.

-- Mara Wayne (, July 09, 1999.

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