I live 20 minutes from a noncompliant nuke plant...

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After reading Gary North's website this morning, I see that the nuke plant in Clinton, IL (20 minutes from my home in Decatur) is noncompliant. This plant had been shut down for some time and they recently got it up and running to sell it. I need to know where I can purchase, is it potassium iodide?

-- Marsha (MSykes@court.co.macon.il.us), July 08, 1999


Its called Thyroblock and here is the best price I could find. Received mine yesterday. Each bottle is in an individualzip lock bag with complete directions in large print. Its $5.50/bottle/week/person. I bought 25 bottles so I would have some for friends if needed. http://www.beprepared.com/

Taz...who is getting sick of y2k but still trying to keep her butt in gear. Two steps forward and one back!

-- Taz (Tassie @aol.com), July 08, 1999.

"150 mg Tablets

"Potassium Iodate is a superior form of KI (buffered Iodine) and carried only by Medical Corps. Each factory sealed bottle contains 100 fresh tablets of Potassium Iodate 150mg.

"The shelf life of Potassium Iodate is exceptional and should last a generation. Because of the extra molecule of oxygen in Iodate, Medical Corps can guarantee Iodate's stability without adding stabilizers.

"Medical Corps recommends that each family member should have at least one bottle in their emergency kit. KI is the only known chemical available on the market which will shield (or block) the Thyroid and prevent it from absorbinb radioactive Iodine.

"Unlike other blockers, Medical Corps' stock is NOT government surplus 130 mg tablets. It is also chewable and especially recommended for children because our youngsters are extremely susceptible to thyroid cancer after exposure to radioactive contamination.

"Remember, be it a spill, accident, war or terrorism, Potassium Iodate is the only chemical which will protect you and your children. For those who are interested, it can be used for your pets also.

"1 Bottle = 100 150mg pills.
"Use during a Nuclear Emergency ONLY
* For the first 14 days take 1 tablet twice a day. This is a total of 2 tablets per day.
* For the next 76 days take 1 tablet per day.

"Potassium Iodate 150mg is a superior form of "KI" because of its extended shelf life and lack of bitter taste. The extra molecule of oxygen in Potassium Iodate 150mg (actually K103), can guarantee the Iodate's continued freshness without adding stabilizers. Keep the bottle sealed, dry, and out of sunlight. It should remain stable for a generation.

"Why should it be used?
"During a Nuclear Disaster, such as War, Terrorism, a MeltDown or Spill, great amounts of Radioactive Iodine-131 are often released. Even though I-131 is radioactive, it is still Iodine ... and Iodine is what the Thyroid requires to operate correctly. The Thyroid does not know the difference between "good" iodine and "bad" iodine and will readily absorb Radioactive 131 if allowed to. What must be done in case of a nuclear accident is to SATURATE the Thyroid with the good Iodine so that the bad iodine cannot do irreparable damage. The blocking must be done on a daily basis at least 12 hours BEFORE the nuclear emergency starts and it must be continued for at least 80 days.

[ If you don't have "Advance Notice" use Potassium Iodide for first 5 days if you can get confirmation that it will work better and faster ]

Medical Corp ???

"Medical Corps is an organization of retired United States Armed Forces personnel united to bring to the citizenry of the nation education and training in survival and emergency medical techniques.

"Ralph Charles "Chuck" Fenwick is the founder and chief administrator of Medical Corp.

Address label on bottle:
"Medical Corps
45161 State Route 821
Caldwell, OH 43724

"New Important Information
[ the guy said for the last year, and the military is switching over to Postassium Iodate. He told us some info that we KNOW is not true, so we're being cautious ]

"New Thyroid Blocking Power
Did anyone besides Medical Corps understand what it means to have 100 suitcase Atomic Bombs unaccounted for by the former Soviet Union? Or maybe it is just a coincidence, but the US Government has instituted an NBC crash training program for emergency medical personnel in 120 cities nation wide! Medical Corps is involved with just that sort of training and has been for two years. One of the emergency procedures being taught is the use of the Thyroid Blocker called KI. This is the only chemical which will protect a human from absorbinb Radioactive Iodine 131. Iodine 131 is deadly and is especially toxic to children.

"Medical Corps now carries a superior form of KI. In the past we have marketed Potassium Iodide 150mg. Now we can offer a new product called Potassium Iodate 150mg.

"Medical Corps is the only company which carries this superior form of KI. Potassium Iodate has an extra molecule of Oxygen which makes it more shelf stable than Iodide or Iodine. It is not as bitter as Potassium Iodide and can be chewed. Unlike the government surplus 130mg Iodide, Medical Corps chose the 150mg strength, as this will extend the thyroid blocking.

"American Family Network," website is at

xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (allaha@earthlink.net), July 08, 1999.


Looks in archives; lots and lots of threads about this!

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-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (allaha@earthlink.net), July 08, 1999.

There is a lot of this "reopening" of older moth-balled power plants going on right now, even fossil fuel units. And it's all on a *rush* basis. Some say it's due to business opportunity because of deregulation, some say it's because the govt has directed that all available power units be running and ready for use at the roll over. Personally, I subscribe to the latter reason. Milne says if you live close to a 7-11 you are toast. I wonder how far you need to be from one of these nukes to avoid being toasted?

-- Gordon (gpconnolly@aol.com), July 08, 1999.

I have a question to add to this topic... Can a person who has an underactive thyroid, and who is taking synthroid, take this stuff without harm?

Just a hypothyroid housemouse here...


-- housemouse (jgj@nevermind.net), July 08, 1999.

Just move. Simple. Downunder Pauline

-- pauline jansen (paulinej@angliss.vic.edu.au), July 08, 1999.

You know that any nuclear power plant at a town named Clinton will not act reliably.

-- Mr. Adequate (mr@adequate.com), July 08, 1999.

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