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This task list at: is called "Thelma and Louise's list" because it's full preparation for going "over the cliff" and assumes we have to prepare to live without electricity until the harvest and a new village economy emerges after TEOTWAWKI.

Is anything short of going over the cliff even useful? It seems to me if the power goes down, we all might as well jump.

-- Katherine Carr (, July 08, 1999


I sincerely hope everybody goes to this site and reads Pascal's Logic.Read it all the way thru even if you don't want to read the beginning about God.

Read it all the way thru and if you still don't prepare, then you have to be brain dead! This is one of the best things for DGI's I've seen. Of course, their IQ has to be in the measurable numbers. Positive numbers, that is.

Got brains?

-- sue (, July 08, 1999.

Great find Katherine! Thanks.

Thelma and Louise's Task List

-- Lilly (, July 08, 1999.


This is a great link. Thanks for posting.

-- texan (, July 08, 1999.


Are you the incredibly gifted writer who is responsible for all the great y2k essays on this site, as well as the list? I looked for a name and email address on the site and could not find one.

If you are, the following comments are for you.

I shall email you at the address you are posting here. I think your site is wonderful.

I really like the way you take people through your decision making process. And your descriptions of y2k history and current situation is very easy to understand and really puts across that big picture that is so important for really understanding the risks.

I will be following your forum as well as the Yourdon forums which I have lurked since Dec.

Thanks so much. Lora

-- Lora (, July 09, 1999.

Thank you, Lora. You've made my day. Days, probably.

The e-mail address for the site is:

-- Katherine Carr (, July 09, 1999.

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