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Anyone out there know if any of the EOS line eyecups will fit the T90?

-- David Grabbe (, July 08, 1999


According to someone at Canon, the one for the EOS 1n should fit. I haven't tried it though.

-- Terry Carraway (, July 08, 1999.

David, I have been looking to buy a T90 and have examined several. What I have noticed is that the ones that are for sale are usually missing the eyecap. Yesterday, I actually asked the salesperson to try the EOS-1n eyecap on the T90. As Terry suggested in the last posting, it fits perfectly and won't fall off. Also, you can still manage to get to the T90 small shutter blind lever. Please consider that your T90 eyecap solution now tried. Regards.....Garnet

-- Garnet Cook (, July 14, 1999.


Just for info, the T-90 did not come with the eyecup like the A series did. So they aren't really missing.

BTW I pciked up an EOS 1n eyecup and don't like the way it fits, but I will try a little modification to make it fit better.


-- Terry Carraway (, July 15, 1999.

Terry, Ref your last posting. Indeed, the T90 was fitted with an eyecup (Possibly in some countries only). The T90 brochure, at, clearly shows the eyecup. Of more interest to me, is what you did not like about the EOS-1n eyecup fit to the T90. I found (and reported to David) that it fitted perfectly. Was it too loose? too big physically, too small?.... and what would you modify? Applying your finger tip to the viewfinder blind lever is difficult and I did notice initially, that it was extremely difficult to remove the eyecup from EOS-1n. For me it was the perfect solution. Regards.....Garnet

-- Garnet Cook (, July 17, 1999.


All the info I have shows the eye cup as not being included in the package, it was an option.

When you put the EOS 1n eyepiece on the T90 it cocks up from the viewfinder shutter lever. If you are not careful the left side is not properly in the slot.

I am going to grind a little off so this does not happen.

-- Terry Carraway (, July 19, 1999.

Eyecup T90 - Maybe, that little viewfinder blind lever, will cause a problem. My objective, in ensuring the EOS-1n eyecup is a perfect fit on the T90, is to go to the next stage of purchasing a Dioptric Adjusting Lens (-2 dioptre), if it fits. I would presume the fit would be the same as the eyecup mount. I hate manually focussing with glasses. I will pursue this through another question. Regards.....Garnet

-- Garnet Cook (, July 21, 1999.

I may have seemed a little harsh in som eof my previous posts, if so I apologize.

I checked the fit of the EOS 1 n eyecup on a T90. WHat happens is the eyecup is lifted up a little on the viewfinder shutter side (look from the bottom of the camera). The piece that slides in the channel has enough give to allow it to fit. I don't really like the extra stress on that part due to the eyecup being lifted on that side. That is why I plan on grinding out a little bit to clear the viewfinder shutter lever.

I will let everyone know how it works out. It is too bad Canon can't make this part with a little extra clearance on that side for a better fit on a T90. They would sell a BUNCH of them.

-- Terry Carraway (, July 21, 1999.

T90 Eyecup- Totally agree with Terry (above posting). I was a little premature when I said the EOS-1n was a "perfect fit". It does appear, when viewed from below the eyecup, that one of the plastic retaining prongs are skew and hence under stress. The corrective action may be to fold back the eyecup rubber (which is glued into position) and carefully file away plastics frame where it rubs on the viewfinder shutter lever. Or alternatively, file the bulge off the lever. About 1mm is required to relieve the situation. I will, in the future, look a little more closely, before declaring "problem solved!" .........Apologies,....Garnet.

-- Garnet Cook (, August 25, 1999.

I have a T90 and EOS1 the cups for the later are not a good fit and need filing down in the uk there are still several shops tha can supply the T90 cups and correction lenses from new stock. Bye the way it was supplied with an eyecup when new but they can become lose and drop off, happened to me twice. I have a spare eyecup and +3 lens if anyone needs one

-- David Haigh (, November 28, 1999.

re T90 eye cups - are none of you guys aware (guess not by context) of the ongoing series of posts on this issue on the Malaysian T90 site: .htm

this address will take you to the main page and you then have to go to the bottom to the "my message board" -it wasn't up when I just tried but it usually is -its an essential resource for T90 owners. Its not sorted by subject, but just last 10 posts per page - you may have to go back thru back pages (by number at the bottom of the page) you might also like to go back a couple of pages until you get to my 4 post saga about how I bought my T90 in the Tokyo suburbs if that sounds interesting to you... :)

-- Michael hudson (, December 02, 1999.

All 3 of the T-90's I purchased new came with an eyecup.

-- Joe Arnold (, December 11, 1999.

The problem with the eyecup on my T-90 is that it was just plain loose. It's no longer on my camera. But ... who knows, it may be in the bottom of one of my camera bags somewhere. Lost and found at least ten times before (and I bought one replacement IIRC).

-- Joseph N. Hall (, December 19, 2000.

This discussion is a bit old by now but I will make a contribution anyway. I don't think anyone mentioned using an Canon A-series eyecup on the T90. It works perfectly well, and it stays in place. Might not be as good as T90 original, but it is a lot cheaper :-)

-- Magnus Nystedt (, December 30, 2001.

NB: Canon type 'S' (square) eyepiece accessories also fit Pentax K, Contax/Yashica, and Minolta MD -- and vicey versey. Cheers!

-- Robert Segal (, January 06, 2002.

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