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HEALTH & WELL-BEING - State of mind has powerful effect on health. Spiritual practices of prayer, meditation, contemplation and chanting very helpful. - Diaphramic breathing also helps calm mind. And alternate nostril breathing. See a yoga book, or Chopra9s PERFECT HEALTH, which is also a good introduction to the world9s oldest and most complete natural health system, Ayurveda. - Start now to be in good physical shape next January. Improve diet. Exercise. - A rebounder ($40 new) is excellent for non-exertive exercise that clears the lymph system. You don9t need to bounce up in the air at all. In fact, can be done on one9s knees. It9s the up and down that moves the lymph, a bit like getting ketchup out of the bottle. - If you plan to store basic whole foods for Y2K, get used to eating them now, bit by bit. These are much healthier than processed foods. Cook one new recipe each week. - Drop addictions now! This will greatly improve your health. The things you are addicted to will likely not be available during Y2K outages, and that will be a very stressful time to go 3cold turkey.2 Gradually reduce your use now, and kick bad habits without headaches and other withdrawal problems. Cut by 1/4 each week for a month. Acupuncture, herbs and other natural health modalities and remedies will you help greatly in this process. See me or call me at home for more information. Or work with any good natural health practitioner. - Very important to keep active if you are homebound during outages. And maintain a regular schedule. Also, be organized. This helps a lot when the outside world is chaotic and beyond our control. - Talk with close friends or family members to air tensions and fears. Be sure your children have the opportunity to do this, too. Start now! - Explain to your kids why you are preparing. If you try to 3spare2 them by being not talking about it, they will be more worried. Be frank, and assure them that by preparing you are assuring your family will be all right even though daily routines will be different and some things they are used to may just not be available for a while. - When you have enough preparations in place to do so, have a practice drill. Turn off the power and try out all the lamps, stoves, etc. by actually using them to live with for a day or two. Then if the power goes out, everyone in the family will already be familiar with the changes, and it will be much less stressful. -Also, the drill may reveal things you forgot to plan for, or things that need to be improved on. - Involve the whole family in preparing. Give children meaningful things to do. Maybe collecting, washing and filling soda bottles with water? Thinking of safe places to hide cash? (Be sure to remember where cash is actually cached.) Labeling storage foods with dates, so they can be rotated? Making lists of things to have on hand? This will increase their understanding that your family can handle Y2K. - Make sure you have an extra pair of glasses. Get your dental work, etc. up to date. - Have a good supply of all hygiene products used regularly by all members of household. - Many say stock up on prescription drugs. Even better, read up on herbal remedies and find replacements for as many prescription drugs as possible. You can stock up on herbal preparations without a prescription, and this will be also be healthier. Work with a natural health practitioner or physician to ensure wise choices. - Among the medications that may not be available next year is insulin. (Most insulin is imported from countries not well prepared for Y2K.) If you start now, you may well be able to be free of needing it by next year. Are you willing to change your diet, etc. for a big upgrade in health? Again, work with a qualified natural health practitioner. - Bach Remedies and other flower essences can help greatly with worry, fear, stress, big changes, etc. Read about them and try them. One every family should have on hand is Rescue Remedy, which makes such a big difference in times of stress and for any trauma. - Gotu Kola is very good for a more peaceful mental state. - St. John9s Wort has been found by many to be more effective than anti-depressants, without the side effects. - Ginger is wonderful for warming up when chilled. Make a strong tea, or take 1/2 to 1 tsp. with very warm water. Also great for colds and sore throats. - Astragalus gives a big boost to the immune system. Good for all types. Excellent in drop form for pets. (Echinacea is not good for thin, cold folks. Is more of a cleanser.) - Read up on colloidal silver. (See Resources page.) Try it. Stock up on it. Consider getting your own colloidal silver generator. (Make with warm distilled water only.) CS is a natural antibiotic and is also antiviral! - Turmeric is another wonderful natural antibiotic. Antiviral! Kills mold, fungus, bacteria, parasites. Anti-histamine. Excellent anti-inflammatory. (Tested on par with or better than cortisone.) Lowers cholesterol, blood sugar. (Potentiates insulin production as much as threefold.) Anti-tumor. Strong anti-oxidant. Antiseptic and healing on wounds, burns, bruises. (Poultice with oil base. Butter good.) Good for diarrhea/dysentery. Helpful in all degenerative conditions. Etc. Preventive dose 2-3 grams, 2-3 times a day with meals. Double that for treatment. (300 mg. = 1 tsp.) Equally good for pets. Read TURMERIC, THE AYURVEDIC SPICE OF LIFE by Prashanti de Jager. 1-415-289-7976 - Keep your bowels moving! Stagnant bowels = toxicity = bad health. Have 2-3 BMs a day. If not, use warm water in enema bag while sitting upright on toilet/bucket/whatever to moisten bowels and stimulate movement. Water in till feel urge. Expel. Repeat and repeat. Bowels will move. - Have activated charcoal capsules on hand in case of food poisoning. Taken orally, activated charcoal quickly absorbs toxins. (Do not take except for emergencies. Taken regularly, it will absorb many of the nutrients in your food.) - MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a great healing substance, too. See Resources page. - To conserve energy do not drink anything to speak of with meals, which dilutes digestive enzymes and makes the body work harder than it should have to. Along the same lines, cold drinks make the body exert a lot of energy to reheat itself. - If someone gets hypothermia (dangerously low body temperature) do not give hot liquids. Do not heat hands, feet or place heat on kidney area, or place in hot bath. Heat the trunk of the body first, to avoid possible heart damage or failure from forcing cold blood into the heart. Best method is to heat the person with the body heat of as many people as possible, all surrounding him/her. No clothes (insulation). - Better to stay warm in the first place. It is not 3cool2 to go without a coat and hat in the winter - it is cold. -A lot of ordinary risks can be life-threatening in extraordinary times. - Get a copy of THE RED CROSS FIRST AID HANDBOOK. Read it. You may need to know how to handle an emergency. Not a good time to begin thumbing through an unopened book. - Make up your own first-aid kit after reading lists on Y2K internet sites such as - If you are concerned about possibility of nuclear meltdowns, etc. you can store potassium iodate. Research basement sheltering from radiation. Call me for websites on this one. - Much more on this subject, especially the natural health options. Feel free to call or e-mail.

-- Shivani Arjuna (S, July 07, 1999


Great post Shivani.

-- number six (, July 09, 1999.

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