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Have been researching sources for PRI-G and PRI-D, which appear to be among the best ways to treat gas and diesel for long-term storage. It seems like the cheapest source is Camping World, which offers one pint for $12.99. Right now shipping is only $1 if you ask for this. They have a lot of stores (none in NE) and sell online at Seems to be an RV sort of place. The usual price for a pint of this is $19-20 plus $6-7 shipping. One pint treats over 200 gallons of fuel. Just ordered some. I've been finding that whenever I want to buy something from a "survival" place or y2k dealer, I can almost always get it for less by buying it from whoever sells it for run-of-the-mill reasons. PS: their # is 800-616-CAMP. For details on PRI products, their website is Sorry for lack of hot links; technologically challenged!

-- judy (, July 07, 1999


Judy: Briggs and Stratton make about the best fuel stabilizer. There are some others on the market, Sta-Bil being one of them. they can be found at most out supply store and some small engine repair shops. The B/S stabilizer should run about $20.00 a pint or less. The bigger the bottle the less it costs.

-- jaime estrada (, July 07, 1999.

Pint of Sta-bil at Wall-Mart under $9.00. I've used for years in RV, parked for 18 months. No problem. Just keep tanks full, helps to keep damp out, also use gas line antifreeze.

-- && (&&@&&.&), July 08, 1999.

thanks, Judy.

I've been look for better sources of PRI (both G and D).

Love it, everyone has their own "best" product. That makes the world go 'round. To each his own.

-- de (, July 08, 1999.

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