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The Gary North is a Big Fat Idiot Forum has been down for some time. Maybe it's a Y2K bug. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Could be maintenance, though. Or maybe they didn't pay last month's bill. But could be just plain old lack of interest. Anybody know? Not a word from the urpers at the Debunking Vomitorium.

-- OutingsR (us@here.yar), July 06, 1999


I was just e-mailed by a very reliable source, who claimed that they've all booked flights to Bolivia. Apparently Y2K Pro's brain was unhooked from his computer when Poole tripped over one of the wires. Pro's test tube fell over and dumped him on the floor. They managed to get out a 'saline SOS' and apparently the BFI forum was the first to respond!

-- Will continue (, July 07, 1999.

Naturally, we should all be able to read about this accident in WorldNetDaily tomorrow.

-- Will continue (, July 07, 1999.


I think I saw them at Cosco's yesterday, being given a tour by Mr. Decker.

-- Spindoc' (, July 07, 1999.


Were they all standing around laughing at the folks who were loading up on bags of rice, beans, and such? Were they trying to convince people that they were throwing their money away on foolish preparation beyond the "recommended" 3 extra days that FEMA suggests?

-- Gordon (, July 07, 1999.

I spoke to the SysOp this morning - turns out the upstream provider is having troubles. Think there was even something about it on Bloomberg this morning. Should be resolved later today.

-- Paul Davis (, July 07, 1999.

Most impacted by a BFI shutdown would be Outings... from what I can tell, he is the most faithful reader of that forum.


-- Mr. Decker (, July 07, 1999.

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Adverse impact? With your incurable case of chronic verbal diarrhea providing such fertile ground? Like this from Der Bonkers --

On Poole and Paulie, Wednesday, 07-Jul-1999 09:08:44 writes:

One of the worst attributes of the TB 2000 is the double standard. Optimists are subjected to relentless personal attacks. Pessimists often receive a "free pass," no matter how repugnant their behavior.

This is wrong.

[temporary end cut and paste =- No it's not, Dreck, it depends on intent. Simple -- intent of pollies, disrupt forum; intent of doomers, help forum.]

This is why I must question the recent actions of long-time "optimists." First, there is Doc Paulie's effort to have TB 2000 booted off the MIT server farm. Second, there is Stephen Poole's recent "hoax."

[Temporary end cut and paste -- they've always been that way, you just haven't noticed till now.]

I dislike the idea of government "support" (direct or indirect) of TB 2000. On the other hand, I think universities ought to be crucibles of free speech and free thinking. TB 2000, even at its worst, is better than the "politically correct" alternative.

I can appreciate Mr. Poole's point, but I disagree with his method. I have often criticized the "my brother's friend's wife's former boss used to work with a guy" stories. Frustration with the Internet rumor mill, however, does not justify the base tactic of a "hoax."

Enough said.


Mr. Decker

[Nice to know you have SOME principles.]

-- Mr./Ms./Mrs./Miss/Messrs./Mdmes. OutingsR (us@here.yar), July 07, 1999.

It's those faithful participants who concern me most.

-- Will continue (, July 07, 1999.

"No it's not, Dreck, it depends on intent. Simple -- intent of pollies, disrupt forum; intent of doomers, help forum."

I find it difficult to believe you can discern the "intent" of every poster. The idea that either pessimists or optimists are uniform in intent--silly at best. Like many, I do not find the endless personal attacks on this forum (most by pessimists) "helpful" nor do I find the occasional posts by optimists disruptive. With all due respect, you might want to limit yourself to simply quoting others, Outings. Your attempts at argumentation are less than convincing.


-- Mr. Decker (, July 07, 1999.

Well, personally Ken,

I find the endless personal attacks on this forum (from the De Bunker crowd using numerous "cute" and variable names) completely "unhelpful" and I find the more than occasional posts by them somewhat disruptive here.

What they log as "personal attacks" over on their own forum, about the posters and Y2K issues presented on this forum... is "illustrative"... to say the least. As are your own "balanced?" Decker comments.

BTW, just love your "Andy Ray" clone. Such a "similar" writing style, etc.



-- Diane J. Squire (, July 07, 1999.


With all due respect, madam, the pot is calling the kettle black. Both fora could use better manners. If I can ask for your objective analysis, please consider the reaction to Flint, Hoffmeister, Dave Walden and other generally well-mannered moderates on this forum. When Mr. Walden agreed with one of my points, your friend Andy asked him if he planned on providing me with oral favors. Classy, eh?

There are bullies on your little block, Diane. How about some moral leadership?


-- Mr. Decker (, July 07, 1999.

"I find it difficult to believe you can discern the "intent" of every poster."

Really Decker?

I find it difficult to believe that YOU can discern the "intent" of every poster. Yet, that is exactly what you assume every single time you post your crap here.

You make assumptions, speculate and twist logic to fit your limited understanding of the real world.

I'm an optimist. And, I'm optimistic that eventually you'll either get it or di

-- sick of Deckertroll (Decker, July 07, 1999.

We're sick to death of your hypocritical B.S. Decker.

You demand standards and fair play that you pollies and debunkers do not grant. You accuse TB2000 of the very things you yourself and Poole, and cpr and Bagga Donuts engage in, and scream aloud bloody- murder if no one here agrees with you.

Screw manners....of all the posts made on this forum, the pollyanna and debunker posts and threads are the most vile, arrogant and antagonistic.

You have no place here except to harrass...and we're sick of it.

Go the way of Poole and get lost! You contribute nothing but condescension.

-- HadEnufAdem (nott@kinit.anymore), July 07, 1999.

Soooo....where was the leadership from you and the other debunkies when Jimmy Baga Donutz decided to trash this place the other day?

Oh, but it's okay when YOU guys do it, I see.

Asking Diane for leadership from a troll like yourself is the height of hypocrisy if you aske me.

-- @@--:) (, July 07, 1999.

So you all loved INVAR's little story. How does that not count as trolling? Diane why don't you answer Mr. Decker's question or do you condone this double standard?

-- Count (me@s.two), July 07, 1999.

Well, the usual responses.... Diane is one of the forum moderators. I am not nor do I have any desire to become one, thus my appeal. If you are tired me, just scroll on by. The last three threads contributed nothing save expressing your personal feelings. I doubt this will help anyone gain a greater understanding of the Y2K problem.

By the way, I will ask nicely for you to refrain from using the epithet, "troll." It is a crude label no more enlightening than any racial slur. If you want to debate Y2K, bring a post of substance and we can discuss it. If not, just move along.


-- Mr. Decker (, July 07, 1999.

Oh, that's right, Deck: we were supposed to replace "troll" with "malicious, pig-headed, egotistical disruptor". Sorry 'bout that. Won't happen again.

-- lisa (, July 07, 1999.

Mr. Decker

You didn't contradict Diane's comment about being AndyRay? You may be "bright" but you are not cautious.

Lately I have been lurking on DeBunker and noticed "wierd things". I will leave it at that.

-- Brian (, July 07, 1999.


If the word "troll" offends your sanctimonious 'sensibilities', why do you keep coming back to this forum?

Your 'cease and desist' demand for the discontinuance of this common Internet term is about as welcome as a fart in church. It's rude, it's quite noticeable, and it's indicative of ill breeding. Quite boorish.

Do you also barge in on groups of people at social gatherings and presume to take over the conversation? Try to 'guide' them, attempt to provide 'leadership'?

I'll bet you do.

-- Wilferd (, July 07, 1999.

Lisa... do you ever plan to rise above personal attacks and contribute?

Brian... I have posted under my own name on BFI, Debunker and here for months. Unlike most, I use a real name and email address. I attended the last Virginia Y2K gathering (as myself.) Why, in heaven's name, do you think I'd start using a nom du plume now? And why do you think I'd choose to combine the first names of two of my least favorite pessimists... Andy and Ray? Please.

Wilferd... a polite request is not a demand. What IS rude and boorish is mindless name calling. The word "troll" is no different than "kike," "wop," "hick," etc. It attacks the person, not the argument. Using the word is offensive. I find you defense (wrapped in the language of "good manners") moreso.

Oh, and you are welcome to find out how I am in conversation. Stop by any time.


-- Mr. Decker (, July 08, 1999.


For someone who appears to take pride in the correct use of words, I find it rather curious why you do not recognize the common definition of "troll" by current Internet standard use, ie., troll - to 'fish'. The most correct term, would of course, be "troller", ie., one who fishes by trolling.

I can't believe you don't know this. I don't believe you don't know this. Your continued insistance of likening this term with those that are racial in nature is very curious.

It looks to me like you have nothing better to do than pick nits.

-- Wilferd (, July 08, 1999.

Picking nits is what **TROLLS**....................enjoy most.

-- Will continue (, July 08, 1999.

Picking noses is what **Doom Cultists**....................enjoy most.

-- Will continue (2b@ignorant.4ever), July 08, 1999.

So, Lisa: (will), ready to trade trolls about now? I'll take Pro and you can play with Deck for a while?

-- Lisa (, July 08, 1999.

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