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How am I going to solve the problem of hungry neighbors? After giving this question much thought and realizing that I can't prepare for all of them, I've decided to make "hardtack" or "pilot bread" which will quell their hunger and their visits. Mary Ann

-- Mary Ann Gaetano (, July 06, 1999


I have heard some suggestions to mark the house as containing sick, contagious people. This might help if the pharmeceutical pipeline breaks down.

-- Jon Williamson (, July 06, 1999.

Friend of mine told me that dog food is actually a complete meal when mixed with hot water in terms of protein etc.

Sounds nutz, but hungry people will eat anything. At least you could offer em something. Personally, if we're in that type of scenario, I'm not open for requests.

-- Lorn Green (, July 06, 1999.

Some years ago I needed to lose some weight and I went without food for 4 days. The first day you feel hunger pains, but they go away the morning of the second day. After that you really feel no hunger at all. You just get a little weaker. So going without food for some time really isn't all that painful!

-- freddie (, July 07, 1999.

We're "hoarding" store bought canned goods for giving away. We'll be selfish with the stuff we can ourselves. We found 5 for a dollar sales awhile back, (no other sales in quite awhile). Biglots sells big cans of fish for 79 cents. (Sorry I can't remember what kind of fish or what exact size, maybe 14 ounces. Those cans are way in the back and I'm not digging in for the details.) We tried one can - yuck - but if people are hungry they'll eat it.

freddie: I've gone 5 days on two separate occasions. Neither was painful after the first 2 days, but I wouldn't want to test that idea with longer periods of time.

-- Gus (, July 07, 1999.

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