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Greatest Cravings: Corn, melons, berries and fruit. Beekeepers beware; they DO go wild for honey and will tear apart hives.

Signs: Large distinctive tracks plus mounds of what they're famous for doing in the woods. Look for signs of general mayhem, as bears are anything but dainty in their foraging habits. You may also see copious piles of vomit as bears often stuff themselves and then empty themselves for the sheer gluttonous pleasure of going back for more. [Bulemic bears???]

Best Barrier: Can usually be deterred by electric fence. Use 3-4 strands electroplastic wire, top strand about 36" above ground. Bait with bacon (see deer thread for more detail).

Other deterrents. Flashing lights, rock music, scarecrows in your dirtiest laundry are worth a try. [Will repel your neighbors too.] Do NOT use deodrant soup--may actually attract bears.

-- Old Git (, July 06, 1999


Bears, and I do hate to share this about my metaphorical cousins :), can also be detered *permanently* by putting them in the freezer.

After sufficient dressing of course.


-Is there such a thing as metaphorical canabilism?

-- Greybear (, July 06, 1999.

Having had to deal with bears a bit.

Bears go after food, it is their chief motivation. As well as food they will go after anything that smells. This includes canned food, they know. Soap, shampoo, purfume and anything else that has a "smell". Garbage bears are a problem as they will continue the practise, they are the ones to worry about. Best practice is to lock the garbage up..

Dogs and bears do not like each other. In the good old days (they may still do it) bear chasing was great sport (with dogs). And if you think it is mean, better to scare off a bear than have them get in the habit of visiting you. This is of course not recommended just a comment from my previous life. By the way "bear crackers" are a waste of time. It gets them curious rather than afraid. Where man is there is also food. Their nose is the weak point. Try amonia or pepper spray.

Bears run at 35 miles an hour, fast as a horse, so make sure if you ever bear chase that you are chasing him not the other way around. Bears can't run down hill, but climb trees well. All this applies to black and small brown "human aware" bears. None of this applies to Grizzilies. Cinnimon bears are also considered more dangerous.

Of course you could live in Churchhill Canada and deal with Polar bears the least friendly animal on North America.

The best advice is never leave or give food to any wild animal.

Some thoughts for the gorby newbie.

-- Brian (, July 06, 1999.

Did you stay at a certain motel last night, Brian?

Oops! If you don't have those commercials in Canada this won't make any sense!

-- Old Git (, July 06, 1999.

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