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Greatest cravings; corn, most veggies, fruit trees (leaves, fruit AND bark), shrubbery and flowers (especially roses). When hard-pressed, will nibble anything edible.

Signs: most eating done at dawn and dusk, nibbling on foliage in a way that leaves a distinctive jagged edge. Also droppings--clumps of medium-sized dark pellets in the vicinity as well as distinctive two-toed tracks.

Best Barrier: Best choice is electric fence, as for raccoons. Dr. Q says simplest and best is "Minnesota Peanut Butter Fence"--single strand of electically charged wire strung at height of 2-1/2 feet and adorned with strips of masking tape smeared with peanut butter at intervals of about 3 feet. Cover peanut butter bait with flaps of alum foil to make it more noticeable to deer (and to protect it from being quickly gobbled up), says Dr. Q. Deer amble up, and get "hot lips', will avoid your garden in the future. Need to string wire at 2-1/2 feet instead of 6 and 12 inches, as for raccoon.

Other Deterrents: Deer are xenophobic = have a fear of the new. But only lasts about three days. So other deterrents need to be replaced every three days! But worth a try: hang stockings filled with human, cat or dog hair around vulnerable plants, spread blood meal or baby powder around, hang bars of deodorant soap (or just wrappers) at about 3" high, 15' intervals, spray plants with mixture of two or three rotten eggs blended in gallon of water or use 2 tbs homemade hot pepper sauce (or Tabasco) per gallon of water. Or garden next to a neighbor who uses no protective measures. . .!

-- Old Git (, July 06, 1999


Male Urine around the property works, dogs or man.

They don't like Fishing line, so that is the cheapest form of deterant.

-- Brian (, July 06, 1999.

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