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I have used the M-1 variety of Bt very successfully against the colorado potato beetle, in nymph stage. Also, when I was out of that, I used the neem tree extract and it seemed to work very well. Problem is the cost of both. I had ordered both from a mail order place called "Gardens Alive" - both are quite expensive. Anyone have a less expensive alternative - or source of these items? The old "pick and stomp" method just won't cut it if you have about 200 ft of potatoes. One product from Garden's Alive that is excellent is a gallon of "spreader-sticker". It will extend the effectiveness of your Bt and most other sprays by several days...only takes 1 TBSP per gallon; I think it's not in their catalogue now, but they will take the order over the phone.

-- jeanne (, July 06, 1999


Try mulching well with a one-foot layer of clean straw or hay.

Intercrop with repellent plants such as flax, marigold, garlic, green beans and horseradish.

Dust plants with wheat bran or spray with extract of basil.

-- walt (, July 06, 1999.

Thanks Walt! How does the extract of basil work for you?? Tried it? How do you make it?? What different kinds of pests does it work on in your experience? Basil is easy to grow and I have plenty of seed for that. Thanks for your help...where is your approximate location??

-- jeanne (, July 06, 1999.

You can find Bt anywhere. It all works and is harmless to other creatures including yourself. Dipel is a good brand. You don't need to buy it from Gardens Alive...any nursery, Home Depot, etc has it. I was certified Organic gardener for years and thats all I used.


-- Taz (Tassie, July 07, 1999.


I took the basil extract idea from Rodale's Encyclodedia of Organic Gardening. No instructions were given on how to make it. If you call Rodale Press (610/967-5171) or emailed them, they will give you an answer.

I was thinking last night of another way that I have controlled colorado potato beetles. I dust my plants with limestone (not the pelleted variety. This doesn't eliminate the bugs. But they avoid munching on plants that are dusted. And it's cheap to buy here in Virginia (and most other places).

-- walt (, July 07, 1999.

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