In Honor Of The NEW... TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) Preparation Forum... And BigDog & Chuck : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) Preparation Forum : One Thread

To all newcomers and TBY2K regulars...

And to toast the opening day...

Lets all raise one to BigDog and Chuck Rienzo for hosting this forum!

Cheers and best wishes!


(BTW, dont forget to stock up on wine and New Years Champagne early. Might be shortages later. Good prep barter items too).

-- Diane J. Squire (, July 06, 1999


I love it, this more like it, just what I was looking for,THANKS Daryll

-- Daryll (, July 06, 1999.

Thanks, Diane, Chuck and BD. As Darryl said, this is more like it.

-- Vic (, July 06, 1999.

Would you please reiterate the advantages of this format over the other TB2000 forum? I assume the Trolls will be denied admission to this theatre. Thanks.

-- A. Hambley (, July 06, 1999.

I wouldn't use the word "advantages". This is prep-related, the classic forum is everything else (and there is plenty of that).

Trollish threads or responses here will be deleted on sight, without warning and without discussion or debate.

-- BigDog (, July 06, 1999.

BigDog, Chuck & greatest thanks! For those of us with little time ahead of us to prepare, this forum is the greatest thing in the world. After all, time is not negotiable. Thanks again!


-- Carolyn Grace (, July 06, 1999.

Thank you all very much! Think of all the lives you will have changed by doing this!!! Blessings to you all

-- Moore Dinty moore (, July 06, 1999.


-- jeanne (, July 06, 1999.

To All,

Thanks for site!!! It's like hitting the refresh button with a (B.S. delete option included). This is just what was needed. Thanks much!!!!!!!

-- rob (, July 06, 1999.

"And to toast the opening day..."
heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee theme ON for Millennial Countdown!

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, July 06, 1999.


Let's stick together. I'm definitely IN IT TO WIN IT!

-- Dennis (, July 06, 1999.

Thanks, you guys!

-- Gayla (, July 06, 1999.

Thankee kindly, Diane, Chuck, and BigDog! This new forum will no doubt prove a blessing to many. Thanks!

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), July 06, 1999.

BD, Chuck & Diane-Thanks for all your hard work. I especially appreciate the rules governing this forum-love the no troll rule!

Linda, who checks this forum first now (except for the latest Fruitcake thread!)

-- newbiebutnodummy (, July 06, 1999.

Many thanks from rb ...This forum is "off and running in great form".

-- rb (, July 06, 1999.


Thank you for all your hard work! Stay the course, poobahs!

-- Grrr (, July 06, 1999.

Totally impressed, posties and posters need a pat on the back!

-- Brian (, July 06, 1999.

Whistling, stomping and clapping here! Good job, guys!!

-- Dian (, July 06, 1999.

Thank you for creating this forum that focuses on the seriousness of Y2K prep. without troll distraction. This is truly a service to new people awakening and needing good information. Congratulations!!!!!!!!

-- Leslie (***@***.net), July 06, 1999.

Thanks, this is great.

-- && (&&@&&.&), July 06, 1999.

Congratulations everyone. And heartfelt thanks to Diane, BD and Chuck.

May you never NEED to use the lessons learned here. May you WANT to use this information in leading a physically, emotionally and spiritually rewarding new life.


We ARE the dance of the Moon and Sun. We ARE the power in everyone. We ARE the hope that will never die. We ARE the turning of the tide.

"You may forget, but let me tell you this: Someone in some future time will think of us."---Sappho

-- (, July 07, 1999.

As a really old timer here, thank you so much for this forum. It has been a request and hope of mine for a very long time.

God Bless you all.


-- Will Huett (, July 07, 1999.

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