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Anyone else out there enjoy the Parade more than the Festival?

I'd never have believed I'd have a better time walking miles in the baking sun helping to carry a great big sod-off banner than watching bands and dancing. The Parade had a great atmosphere, was really powerful and fun and I really felt like I was part of something big and lovely (feeling in the majority, even for a bit, is great - don't care how heterophobic that seems). It was also welcoming to deviant bisexual types like myself, as well as transsexuals, straight friends and family members, and others who don't fit the 'normal' queer bill.

On the other hand, the rampantly commercial Festival (sorry - Lesbian and Gay Mardi Gras - no mention of us others) with its poor planning, London-centred marketing (WE didn't know it was over at 9pm instead of 11pm - did you?), bad security, poor atmosphere and dodgy fairground rides was nothing like worth the money. Good job we got ours in advance for #7 rather than forking out the #20 asked for by touts. The only bit we really enjoyed was the market; I've finally managed to get a rainbow ribbon!

I know I should be contacting Mardi Gras for this moan, but they never answer their emails - I've tried. Either that or they never want to answer the questions I ask...

Anyway, well done Pride (London) and keep up the good work. Hope you raised enough to do it again next year.

Love Faith x

P.S. You might be interested to know that there's a Welsh Pride coming (at last!) - 4th September in Cardiff.

-- Faith Hope (, July 06, 1999

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