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I have been waiting for this GAO report to show up on the GAO website. I picked up a hard copy from the GAO document distribution center back on June 3.

Back in mid may this report was briefly listed as "new", but when I went to download it I got an "Invalid URL" message. The report remained listed for two more days and I was still unable to download the report. The next day, the report disappeared from the GAO document listing and is still not available via the GAO website.

I posted this document here a couple weeks ago but it quickly got pushed off the page by subsequent threads. I am reposting it. Any comments as to why this report is only available from the GAO document distribution center and not downloadable? Just an oversight I suppose. To err is human. This report was available for release on April 29, 1999.

Document Reference Number GAO/T-AIMD-99-163

GAO Testimony Before the Special Committe on the Year 2000 Technology Problem, U.S. Senate

Status of Emergency and State and Local Law Enforcement Systems is Still Unknown

Statement of Jack L. Brock, Jr. Director of Government Wide and Defense Information Systems

Accounting and Information Management Division

"Limited information is available about the Year 2000 status of 9-1-1 call answering sites throughout the nation, known as Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP). FEMA in conjunction with the National Emergency Number Association has surveyed 4,300 primary PSAPs on their 2000 Readiness; however, as April 1999, 18 percent responded. Of those that did respond, only 16 percent reported that their systems where compliant. However, the majority of the rest of the respondents reported that they will be compliant by 2000."

"Little is known about the status of state and local law enforcement agencies. No assessment surveys have been conducted."

"Outreach efforts by Justice generally have been targeted at raising awareness and, with the exception of those at the Bureau of Prisons, largely ad hoc in nature."

"If Year 2000 issues are not adequately addressed, the response to an emergency could be degraded. Fortunately, a number of positive outreach efforts have been undertaken to assist local governments as well as telecommunications providers in preparing for the Year 2000. Unfortunately, with less than 9 months remaining before the millennium, the status of thousands of 9-1-1 answering sites is still largely unknown."

"In conclusion, Mr.Chairman, not enough is known about the status of either the 9-1-1 system or of state and local law enforcement activities to conclude about either's ability during the transitionto the Year 2000 to meet the public safety and well-being needs of local communities across the nation. The Emergency Services and Telecommunications working groups have been active in this area and plan to follow up opn their initial surveys. The Police/Public Safety?Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice working group has further to go to develop a more defined assessment but is moving forward."

This report is available in hard copy from the GAO Document Distribution Center in Washington D.C. Phone Number is 202-512-3000


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