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I thought I'd share this response I made to an email I received. The person wanted to know if I have a bug out retreat and what I think of staying in an urban area.

I've gone from "every man for himself" to "I'll help everyone I can till supplies run out and then hope for the best". Right now I'm planning to help those that help themselves. Anybody else finding this to be a subject that evolves as we get closer to the January 1st?

Frankly staying in an urban area such as Dallas worries me. One of the options I considered was purchasing property in a remote area. My wife and I were having serious problems over Y2K at the time. I wanted to use what money was needed from the 401K to prepare. This included buying land and setting up a fall back retreat. She said that would be the final straw, so I gave up the idea. Instead I spent my time and efforts preparing our home. But the threat of urban trouble is a possibility that has to be considered.

Then never having owned or shot a firearm I went to the local gun range, took lessons, and purchased my first firearm. When I finally shared my new hobby with my wife the resulting "converstation" is a story all by itself! Since then Ive trained 2 or 3 times a week with 2 retired Special Forces instructors. Ive taken every tactical course I can and I practice A LOT! Im not looking for trouble I just want to be prepared. I also try to attend church regularly, Id prefer to get my help through prayer not through violence.

My biggest concern is my neighbors that arent preparing. Im still working through that scenario mentally. I know every child in the neighborhood by his or her first name. I keep telling myself if they and their parents knock on the door that Im mentally prepared to turn them away. But in all honesty I dont know. Im still talking to my neighbors encouraging them to lay in additional supplies. I tell them to buy what theyd normally eat only more of it and if the power goes out they can bring it to my house to cook it. Ive got two types of water purification one gravity and the other pressure fed. So I can at least supply limited amounts of pure water.

I feel Ive done all I can to prepare both physically and spiritually. Beyond that I give my wife a kiss and a hug now and then when she doesnt expect it. My boys get their fathers attention when they want it instead of waiting till Im not busy and its theyre turn, and Daddy is telling the bed time story alot more. If nothing else comes of Y2K its brought more love into our house and if thats all it brings Ill be happy, but Im not holding my breath.

Thanks for listening,


-- Mitch Callis (, July 05, 1999


sounds good Mitch- we can only do what we can do......

-- farmer (, July 05, 1999.

Excellent post, Mitch. Given the restriction that you have chosen to live with -- staying in an urban area -- you certainly have done all that you can. Good luck.

-- Jack (, July 05, 1999.

Mitch -- We're staying in an urban area too. E-mail me if you want. Have you seen the book -- Surviving Y2K Chaos in the Cities? At least I think that's the title. You might check it out at It has some helpful stuff in it. Good luck to you! peace, Libby

-- Libby Alexander (, July 05, 1999.

Thanks Mitch. All those extra bags of beans and rice, huh? Best wishes. I think I'll check out Libby's book.

-- Mommacares (, July 05, 1999.

Over the past few months any post I have made anywhere, alluding to the fact that I'm staying put, has sparked responses saying that I am crazy. I still have time to change my mind but my pros and cons list are about equal.

How to handle your neighbors is an ongoing concern for all of us. To have some handouts would be nice but you can not feed the neighborhood indefinetly. I guess this problem is going to necessitate my having a "heart to heart" visit with those living nearest my home.

More thoughts when we get the prep forum.

-- rb (, July 05, 1999.

I empathize with those folks who, for whatever reason, will remain in populated areas.

Unfortunately, that will not change anything at all. If you remain in a populated area and the shit hits the fan, you are as good as dead. No ifs, ands or buts.

-- Paul Milne (, July 05, 1999.

Dear Paul M.,

How do you know that they "will be as good as dead?"

-- Not Again! (, July 05, 1999.

When a wife uses the words "that's the last straw", I don't have much hope for your marriage. A husband and wife are supposed to be bonded in such a way that they become "one". If that "one-ness" is missing in a marriage, you've got big problems.

A marriage is supposed to create ultimate happyness for both parties. If one of the parties is selfish and is only interested in his or her happyness and not the other's happyness, you're better off getting out of the marriage and try again with an other spouse.

I made that decision 18 years ago and 2 years later found the lady of my dreams. In 16 years we have never had a fight, we never have raised our voice against each other, we go hand in hand where ever we go, we are best friends, and we cannot walk by each other in our home without touching or lovingly stroking each other. We each do everything we can to make the other one happy! My wife calls it "marital bliss"!!!

We are over 60 years old and sex is still great too! In fact, we have experienced that "dancing naked" to soft music is one of the most romantic things you can ever do! Try it, you'll like it. (In you home, alone, off course!)

Yes, you can create Heaven on Earth if you have the right spouse!

I recently was around my ex for a couple of days for a family members funeral. She has not mellowed out at all, but instead has gotten worse. She continually has to be the center of everything that's going on and she wants to have control over everything. She was continually yapping with nothing of importance to say. After 18 years she is still single. That shows how abnormal she is!

When I got of the plane and embraced my sweet wife I told her" I'm sooooo glad I'm married to you!!!"

-- smitty (, July 05, 1999.


Your wife felt strongly about it and I think it was important for you to take the compromise route. Good for you. I will be going from NYC to a small, affluent town in Florida. But there will be neighbors. And what do you do if people are starving? Children especially. I hope we don't have to answer that question. We were surely have our hearts broken even if we survive. God bless. Best of luck.

-- Mara Wayne (, July 05, 1999.

I have bought lots of candles for Y2K. We will be able to use them in 2000, while dancing naked, listening to soft music from our head phones walkman tape players, using rechargable batteries charged with out solar battery charger. Sounds like a great idea and will introduce this idea to my honey soon! I can't wait!!!

It will create new spark into our relationship!

-- Y2K ready (, July 05, 1999.

Mitch, you talk about sharing your food with others during Y2K. If there was a disaster like an earthquake, I can see and understand that reasoning.

However Y2K is different. It is like a train coming your way and if you don't prepare to get out of the way, you are going to get run over. Y2K is that train and nobody cares if they get run over until the last minute.

I think if people in 2000 are hungry, it's their own fault. I'm not going to share with others who did not care about preparing.

The five virgins in the Bible did not share their oil with the other five virgins who had not prepared. I grew up in Holland and lived through the second world war. My father, just like I, could see Hitler coming and he prepared and we were well off during the war because of his foresight. He tried to warn his friends but they all laughed at him. They ended up being hungry. My father decided that he could not possibly feed thwhole town. We did not share and nobody else shared. Each was on his own trying to get what ever food they could get. Nobody gave food away. If any food was available, people had to work or pay for it.

-- freddie (, July 05, 1999.


I am also staying put in a metropolitan area, and I have many of the same concerns as you. My neighbors don't seem to get it, and that worries me. Please e-mail me if you'd like to discuss this - perhaps we can share ideas.


-- Bruce (, July 05, 1999.

Y2k ready: ---- Where did you buy your solar battery charger?

-- thinkIcan (, July 05, 1999.

I bought 3 solar battery chargers at Emergency Essentials located in Orem, Utah. 1-800-999-1863 They are about $24. They have a meter on it to tell when fully charged. They are well stocked and can ship immediately!

-- Y2K ready (, July 06, 1999.

I wish you the best, Mitch. When I told my wife we were selling our house in Sydney and getting out, that _was_ the last straw. She took the money and moved in with her mom and dad, taking our two kids with her. So I'm at my "safer place", where I have been preparing things for nearly a year now. All I can do is hope she GI in time; but then she's got to "get out of Dodge" and drive 1,000 kms interstate. All I can do for them now is pray.

-- David Harvey (, July 06, 1999.

Over the 4th of July family dinner, I produced the IEEE letter to the Senate. I just knew none could argue with it. My bil stated very firmly that it was from a survivalist group and that he had read that the power co. was y2k ready, then did not do more than glance at it.

When I told my 20 year old son what had happened, he said,"we won't be given him beans when he comes to our house for food, we are done trying to convince his family." They think were fools, It's bad enough when strangers think you're crazy, but you're own family, what's a person to do?

-- Donna M. Gomes (, July 06, 1999.


my family got used to my voices. it took a while but i can see in their eyes that they respect me. this y2k thing is even tougher but they will get it in the end. they'll either get it or they'll "get it". get it?

-- corrine l (, July 06, 1999.

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