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I recently purchased a Konica TC-X that seemed to be in pretty good condition. However, the needle in the viewfinder that indicates the aperture setting is very faint. In fact, I can't see it except when I hold it up to a very bright sky. Is there something wrong or is this common with the TC-X?

Also, with what Konica cameras do you have the 1.5v mercury battery problem? I know the FT-1, FS-1 and TC-X all use AA or AAA batteries. I would like to purchase an older Konica like the FC-1 or TC and am worried I'll have problems finding batteries. Does anybody know?

-- Anonymous, July 05, 1999


Konica Questions - batteries


Check out some of the earlier threads in this discussion group - there are lots of comments on this issue.

In a nutshell, there are several options:

1: Depending on where you live, mercury cells are still available in some states. Mercury cells are available in Canada, Europe and I suspect Asia. They frequently come up for sale on rec.photo.marketplace or Ebay.

2: I live in NJ, near New York City. They are sopposed to be banned in this area, but I have no problem finding them at the monthly camera shows. The vendors mumble something about old stock when asked why they have them. (Yeah right)

3: You can use the alkaline equivelent and live with the meter error (due to higher voltage) and non-linear voltage discharge curve. As the batteries are used up the voltage output drops from 1.5V significantly. If you shoot print film, you'll probably be OK, but if you shoot slide film alkalines give good results.

4: People have found alternative cells such as zinc-air batteries. With some of these cells you need to fashion an adapter ring to hold the batteries in place since they may have a smaller diameter than the mercury cells.

5: There are commercially available adapters that drop the voltage and allow you to use alkalines.

-- Anonymous, July 07, 1999

Konica Questions - batteries

That was supposed to read...

If you shoot print film, you'll probably be OK, but if you shoot slide film, alkalines WON'T give good results.

-- Anonymous, July 07, 1999

Konica Questions -- Batteries

I agree with Steve's comments. Let me pass on hints I got for using currently available (i.e. non-mercury batteries) from Greg Weber, a dealer out in Nebraska (gweber@teknetwork.com) who specializes in Konica. With the 1.5 volt alkalines, cut the film speed setting in half. Thus, for example, with 200 speed film, set the ASA on the camera at 100. I have also found that you can buy zinc-air hearing aid batteries that are 1.4 volts, which is pretty close to the 1.35 volts of the mercury 675 batteries that the older Konicas like the T3 take. The zinc-airs even have 675 in their numerical designation, which makes them easier to pick out when you're looking through a display. These fit the camera without any need for a washer or other adaptor. And, they are cheap and easily found in any drug store.

With 1.4V batteries, reduce the ASA setting on the camera by 1/4. Thus, 200 speed film would require a camera setting of 150 (or as close as you can get -- probably use the marking that's one up from 100 in this example).

Steve is right that you have much more tolerance for error in setting the film speed with prints than with slides. I think you may find that you will do fine just setting the nominal ASA for the film with the 1.5V battery. However, color print film, unlike slide film, is very tolerant of overexposure (more so than underexposure), so setting the lower ASA will give you more margin for error.

-- Anonymous, July 08, 1999

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