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I added a "Comments" link to the "Our Computers" pages so you can add information or remarks any time. Joey - tell us how WebTV works. Barb, Fred, tell us about the second parallel port, and Fred's new laptop. Bernice, how does RoadRunner work? Dave, did the Netscape upgrade help out? How do you install and use ICQ? ANNETTE - how do you like the computer? What have you been doing with it. This is for sharing and exchanging information, so everyone join in.

I also added a "New Recipes" link to the recipes page. What has everyone cooked up since Bernice published the "Buechler Family Recipes"? Put them in there, and when there's enough we can update the book.

-- Joe Buechler (, July 05, 1999


Added a link from the home page also, per Bernice request.

-- dave buechler (, July 05, 1999.

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