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An article at: entitled: "TREASURY FACES 'GPRA vs. Y2K' PROBLEM" features an exchange between Committee chairman Fred Thompson and incoming Finance Secretary Summers. When asked about the Treasury's progress on GPRA (Government Performance and Results Act) Summers said: "...the year 2000 issue is something (IRS) Commissioner (Charles) Rossotti and I have talked about a great deal and my understanding is that during the 1999 filing season, the one that was completed this April 15, the IRS essentially instituted its Y2K compliance without substantial incident".

I realize that Summers couldn't possibly be claiming that the IRS is compliant, done and finished making their Y2K repairs but is he trying to infer that everything is under control here even though the GPRA (I think) doesn't really address that issue but is concerned with the issue of "plans".

What is going on here? Even thought Summers misunderstood the line of question or the GPRA was this just another knee-jerk "everything is OK" response while rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

If anybody has a take or insight on this please respond.


-- S. David Bays (, July 04, 1999


He has not been briefed yet. There is always a breaking-in period. lol

-- Mike Lang (, July 04, 1999.

You can count on the IRS lying through their teeth. I'm betting they have at least a dozen programmers updating their computers who will deliberately sabotage the IRS repairs, simply because they hate the IRS guts!

So the IRS is going down for sure in 2000, you can count on it!

Any bets anyone?

-- freddie (, July 05, 1999.

No doubt about it Freddie, that's why I'm expecting some sort of flat tax next year if there's any gubbmint left... I've raised threads on sabotage before, I'm convinced it will be widespread, so are the CIA and FBI...

-- Andy (, July 05, 1999.

A flat tax cannot work, because it requires the same filing reporing system of your income as we have it set up now. The only way it can work is with a national sales tax, which will also not work, because it would be unconstitutional.

The constitution mentions twice that "NO DIRECT TAX SHALL BE LAID". The reason they get away with taxing us now is because the income tax is voluntary. The IRS code, title 26 does not require Americans to pay tax. There is no law that says that Americans are subject to the tax.

If you decide to unvolunteer, they may send you nasty letters and threaten you, but that's all. If you get a summons to appear, do not show up because they have no jurisdiction over you since you have stopped filing.

However, if you cheat in reporting your income, ands they catch you, they can get nasty and take your home and put you in prison, because you signed on the dotted line, and because you filed, they have jurisdiction over you.

-- freddie (, July 05, 1999.

For more information about income tax and you owe none if you are not in a "revenue taxable activity" (which is maybe 99% of you), check out

-- A (, July 05, 1999.

will check this site out. I am seriously ticked at the IRS myself as they have decided to torture me over the EIC this year. Seems that all is well as Long as I keep sending THEM thousands, but if i have a bad year and they need to send any dough- forget it- I MUST be a cheat!

I have to prove to them that I have a child(the same one I've had for all of these years), all the paperwork to prove it, biils for mortage, utilities, etc to prove I pay the bills, a list of who lives in my home, a letter from kid's school- endless.... I don't understand why this is allowed.

I have given up on getting any refund- no matter what proof I send, it'll just be more demands for something else- this will continue into next year I'm sure- so- the gov't has made a few thousand off of me-

pretty sick system- it can go down anytime as far as I'm concerned. The ironic thing is that I've never cheated on my taxes........

-- farmer (, July 05, 1999.

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