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I've got mame30.exe but any attempt to play Diths mame30 good score recording of Mr. Do's wild ride has failed.

Was the -playback function changed to -playinp or something? when i do mame30 dowild -playback dowild.inp (i renamed it) it's just the same as doing mame30 dowild (the credit button still deposits credits)

-- Chad (, July 04, 1999



Two things to be aware of:

1) You should drop the .inp extension when attempting the playback. 2) Back in the good old days of Mame030 the /inp directory did not exist. 3) Mame does not handle long filenames for the inp files.

To get the playback to work under Mame030b do the following:

1) Unzip the inp file and rename it dowild.inp (you've already done this part of course). 2) Move dowild.inp into your root /mame directory where mame030b is located. 3) Use a command line as follows: mame030b dowild -playback dowild (Adjust as necessary for your mame030b executable name.)

Now I don't know why I helped you out because now you'll also watch Dith's technique for improving his score and hopefully improve your tournament technique...... ;-)

Cheers, BeeJay.

-- beejay (, July 04, 1999.

Maybe I need to do that, increase the first place score... ;-)

-- Chris Parsley (, July 04, 1999.

we'll see by how much it really helps :)

Also to be a little more friendly to people trying to do the same thing, you must also unzip the into a dowild directory, since mame30 doesn't have auto zip support. (at least it wouldn't work with out unziping for me.)

-- Chad (, July 04, 1999.


You are correct about zipfile support - in the days of Mame030b we had to rely on the front-end to do the unzipping.

While Mame030b would work with ZipFolders or ZipMagic, the native zipfile support was not added into Mame itself until Mame031b. In the latest Mame035 release candidates the unzipping is now handled by the ZLIB zip utility. (ZLIB Homepage)

So for anyone else wanting to playback Mame030b files you will need to unzip the rom zipfile into the appropriate directory in /mame/roms.

Cheers, BeeJay.

-- beejay (, July 04, 1999.

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