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I mentioned that we have a new technology to provide better picture quality than any VCD formats. The advatage of this technology is that a compact disc can store up to 2.5 hours. People are concerned that it would not be compatible with the VCD or DVD. In fact, we could make the device plays VCDs and DVDs but also take the discs made with the new technology. The discs using this new technology will be compatible with the current CD's in terms of track pitch, etc.

-- Hong Tan (hongtan@rmi.net), July 04, 1999


Try getting Major Motion Picture Studio support and support form the pirates. See if you can convice them that DVD's superior picture and storage is not good enough. See if you can get Asia to change from VCD to DVD. Then come and talk to us.

-- The Lone Ranger (rutger_s@hotmail.com), July 04, 1999.

Stop pestering us with this sales pitch. We are tried and true MPEG enthusiats. We have DVD players or VCD players or even combination players already. Paying another $300.00 or more to view a movie is a rip-off. Also you have to get support from studios and pirates. Chances of that are slim and none. Asia loves MPEG1 VideoCDs and America loves MPEG2 DVDs. Soon China, which is already doing it, will switch to MPEG2 VideoCDs and Europe will go to DVD. Face it the CD as we know it is getting long in the tooth and well only 2.5 Hours on a discs is not enough. Soon DVDs capaciaty of up to 8 hours will be the standard. All you are doing is trying to sell us a player that is unneccessary and unproven. For an example look at the defunct MovieCD from Sirius publishing. That crappy product only supported AVI and no players existed for it. Sure a lot of people loved it(like you are trying to do) but Movie Studio support was slim as hell. I am talking about only New Line and Manga Video as the major companies and that was it. Now you try to tell us that you can store 2.5 hours of movie on CD but we have to buy a new player or get some new software!!! Well apologies to you but no one is really going to buy into this.

-- Will Shakes (soldier0081@hotmail.com), July 04, 1999.

I hope that more such inventors and entrepreneurs, continue posting their new technologies on this forum. I do not consider this business proposition as pestering and I think we should give this guy a chance.

Well, with regards to your technology we have to examine where it is coming from? What is the market that you intend to introduce your technology? Asia, Europe or the US? Since you mentioned compatibility with current DVDs, VCDs, and the new technology, I think you may be on to something here. But, have you considered your main rival SVCD? I think that SVCD may not work because of the short play time per disc. The first SVCD players by major MNC companies such as JVC are out, but must be sold as multi tray machines, because it is anticipated that most movies would have to be on three discs, a real no go in convenience as far as SVCD is concerned. And initial reception to SVCDs introduction in SEA is cool so far, so we have to see how China is doing.

Your best bet is to approach large MNCs like Sony, JVC or Panasonic with your technology, although I would think that the time is not so appropriate at the moment, as they would probably be reeling at losses made by SVCD at the moment and may be wary of new technology. If marketing is to be done in Asia, unlike the US, try and convince the pirates first, and check if your discs could be manufactured on current CD production lines with little or no modification.

Also you must consider the fact that DVD hardware prices are coming down tremendously as VCDs novelty wears out and DVD gets ready to move into its place. So consumer acceptance of DVD hardware may increase in SEA, which means that you have to slug it out on the software front, and convince people that your technology is a low cost alternative to DVDs.

I would really like to hear more from you. You may want to e-mail me your answers to my questions if you feel that the audience here is not so receptive of your technology. But I feel that open discussion is the best way to get the most varied opinions.


-- Sethsolo (sethsolo@hotmail.com), July 05, 1999.

He is not talking about a standard that is compatible with DVD or VCD. He is introducing a new standard that requires a new player, one that has three standards built into it(DVD/Video CD/?). That would confuse a customer to no end. I mean look at all the folks who are asking about MPEG1 Video CDs here(No offense to new users, but an example of explaining technology). How about the ones who need information on MPEG2 SVCD and DVD. If this new format is so great. Please tell us what you call it and what the extension is. Also just because a technology can be used on another deos not constitute a reason. After all Cassette tapes were used to store computer info once and CDs once held only music. Also email a response to people. i want to ask you to send me an example of this format(i.e. A Sample Film that is 2.45 Hours) so I can judge for myself if this is viable. Also send a player so I can see it in action. If this is so awesome then this could be no trouble.

-- The Lone Ranger (soldier0081@hotmail.com), July 05, 1999.

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