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I downloaded the XingMPeg Player (xmp330at.exe) from the site and installed it. Was successful in playing one Video CD. However while trying to skip thru clips, system hung up. Had to reboot. Next time I played the Video CD, it said that player was not shut down properly and asked if it should use Direct Draw driver the next time. To which I replied Yes, not knowing what it meant. Now when I try to ply the Videa Cd, I am getting an error message which says CANT OPEN VIDEO CD !. What does this mean and how do I get past this. My system is a Packard Bell Pentium 100 Mz, Win 95, 40 MD RAM. Thanks for any tip that will get this working again .

-- Ann (, July 04, 1999


I have a similar problem. If you ever find the answer, could you please tell me?

thank you Mark Haster

-- Mark Haster (, July 14, 1999.

Simple answer: uninstall Xing, install DirectX from microsoft, then reinstall Xing.

-- The Lone Ranger (, July 14, 1999.

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