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I tried Steve Krogman's win35b2 inp file for Ms Pacman in xmame35rc1.

I'm sure Steve got more than 300 points. :)

I haven't been keeping up with the docs apparenty, but I thought the inp file changes where between V34 and V35. Is this not correct?

So far I haven't been able to test any inp files on my version of xmame. I've been trying to hunt down old sources of xmame 34 and lower to try some of the inp files on here.

-- Dave Kaupp (, July 04, 1999


Dave, unfortunately, they change virtually every time they roll out with a new version of mame.... Also make sure he made the recording in xmame, if he didn't, xmame probably won't do a good playback of it...

-- Chris Parsley (, July 04, 1999.

There should be plenty of sources at, xmame-34 at least. usually it's not worth the effort to try to playback with a different mame version, but it usually works on the same version with different platform, v35 especially.

-- Chad (, July 04, 1999.

Hi Dave!

It's good to see you are still playing. I verified your Zaxxon score of 233,150 using a DOS version of mame, so some INPs will work on different platforms.

This means you are now the official champion of Zaxxon on MAME for the upcoming Twin Galaxies book, due out sometime late this year.

Cheers, Mark

-- Mark Longridge (, July 04, 1999.

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