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Can any one please advise me any benefits of spending extra money on Xing or PowerDVD players? I can play Video CD well on the Windows Media Player with quite a number of mouse clicks of course.

Many thanks in advance.

-- Van Mai (, July 03, 1999


PowerDVD lets you play movies with one-click. Simply insert the discs and click play. Bith Xing MPEGPlayer and Cyberlink PowerDVD give you Video CD 2.0 menu interactivity. They also allow you to select tracks from films. Both also allow you to play multiple *.dat Video CDs without stopping to open the next file. PowerDVD gives you Dolby Digital Surround Sound, Xing MPEGPlayer gives you Dolby Stereo. PowerDVD allows you to use kareoke more easily. Xing gives you the kareoke features and also has simplified choices. Xing creates a phantom stereo no matter what channel you choose. PowerDVD gives you phantom stereo wtih Channel One. PowerDVD allows you to view DVD movies with the addition of a DVD-ROM drive. PowerDVD plays many films on 24x and 32x drives without problems. Xing is easy to use and so is PowerDVD. Finally they are more compatible or rather DESIGNED TO PLAY VIDEO CDS...WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER WAS NOT.

-- The Lone Ranger (, July 04, 1999.

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