Either they arent telling...or the are lying...or...

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I ask myself, why is the Government claiming 100% on so many agencies? Its not believable. They could still get by claiming less at this stage. The public wouldnt notice! Then I ask myself about disconnect; major contingency planning, Y2k Executive Orders. Agencies tying their Policy and Proceedures to work together to "reconstruct and remediate" domestic and international Y2k problems. At the same time they say prepare for 3 days dont worry. Double speak! So Im reminded of what my friend GI Shrink, an MD has often told me over the year: If it doesnt make sense either they are not telling you something or they are lying. Right, but maybe there is another answer. Franklin Frith writes: "It will be the lack of local government preparedness, small buisness failures and lack of citizen preparedness that will be cited as the need to Implement thse Federal Response Plan. So maybe they have told us?

-- Ruth the Moab (aapm@aapainmanage.org), July 03, 1999


Hey Ruth, is that Moab in Utah? It's a beautiful town in the red rock canyons in south eastern Utah.

-- freddie (freddie@thefreeloader.com), July 03, 1999.

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