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I wonder if I should get some stock in this company?

Nera Satcom, the Norwegian satellite phone company, says it has seen sales of its Inmarsat Mini-M satellite phone systems take off in recent months, owing to Year 2000 fears among various national governments.

Ottar Bjaastad, Nera Satcom's general manager, says sales have been soaring in recent times because of government agencies, particularly defense departments in the US, Canada, and the UK, are worried about their phone systems going out as a result of Y2K problems.

Bjaastad is quoted in the latest issue of Telecom Revy, the Norwegian telecommunications magazine, as saying that the Inmarsat satphone service is at least as reliable as the ordinary fiber-based telecommunications network. Bjaastad says more and more people are now wanting to use satellite links as a back-up at the turn of the millennium. In the first four months of this year Nera sold 180 Inmarsat B phone terminals designed for high-speed data communication.

This contrasts, he said, with 300 phone terminals which were sold throughout the whole of 1998.

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-- y2k dave (, July 03, 1999


"I wonder if I should get some stock in this company? "

Not unless the stock market suddenly is certified Y2K compliant by a source you trust.

-- Jammy (, July 03, 1999.


you mean to tell me it isn't compliant. we've got to warn people.

a big "to arms, to arms.." smooch.


-- corrine l (, July 03, 1999.

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