Output speed of EPS/PS on ColorSpan Series XII

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How do I speed up printing speed of PS/EPS-Files generated in FreeHand 8 (Mac)? Compared to rasterimages of considerably greater size, printhead movement speed is hampered by resting for a couple of seconds after each pass, so resulting in no fluid printing. These vectorfiles contain no if very few embeded raster images. I've tried different EPS-Fileformats with no or little improvement. I've sped up printing speed a little by reducing curvepoints. Is there a general suggestion to solve this problem? Maybe FreeHand doesn't generate good postscript, so that another application, e.g. Illustrator, is better suited in combination PosterShop/ColorSpan? I may add that we use top notch machines for creating and ripping files. Thanks!

-- Anonymous, July 03, 1999


The output data that is saved in the .ONX file is the result of rasterizing a raster image or rasterizing a PS/EPS file through the PostScript RIP. Both data formats are identical. The output of this data to the printer is also the same. The only reason I can think of that might present a problem is the PPD file that you are using on the Mac to represent the ColorSpan Series XII printer. When we originally released the driver for the ColorSpan Series XII printer, we did not have a corresponding PPD file for MacIntosh and/or Windows Application users. You would have had to select another compatible printer with 600 dpi resolution in order to create the correct PostScript output file. We have released PPD's for the ColorSpan Series XII. If you don't have these PPD's for Windows and/or the Mac, please contact ONYX's technical support at (801)568-9900.

-- Anonymous, July 08, 1999

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