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I have two question about schneider 110/5.6 XL

1) I plan to get schneider 110/5.6 XL lens,is any body have exprience with this lens?can you give me some suggestion. 2) what is 110 XL lens equivalent to 35mm format camera lens?

thank you

-- john lin (, July 03, 1999


All I can relate is what has been told to me by those I know who use this lens. Keith Canham says "if you can afford it, buy it", as it is that much better than everything else in its focal length. Two friends who have bought one have then purchased the longer focal length one as well, replacing lenses they alrealdy liked and used often. Their refrain is the same, "excellent".

As for focal length relation, take a 35mm equivalent and multiply by 3, this will give you and approximation. 50mm to 150=approximately normal. Not exact, but a ballpark figure will work for most things.

-- Dan Smith (, July 03, 1999.

I will assume you intend to use the lens on 4x5. Lens comparisions across formats are inexact because the aspect ratio varies. On 4x5, 110 feels like a moderate wide. It's my second most used focal length.

The 110 Super-Symmar XL f5.6 has plenty of coverage for 4x5. Other lenses with large coverage with approximately the same focal length (e.g., Nikkor SW 120 mm f8, Super-Angulon, ...) are a stop slower yet are much larger and heavier. The disadvantage: cost.

-- Michael Briggs (, July 03, 1999.

I've used the 110/5.6 XL for over a year now. It is fabulous: extremely sharp and contrasty. People who have seen the 4x5 chromes I've taken with it are blown away. In 4x5 format, it is equivalent to about 33mm in the 35mm format.

-- john costo (, July 17, 1999.

The lens is small, unlike the 150 XL, it is very sharp and allows for great movements on 4x5. IF you push it, and stop down, I have even squeezed some 8x10 shots with it. If you do plan to use significant amount of rise, be prepared to purchase the ND center filter Schneider recommends, it costs about $350, also if you want to use a UV filter to leave on, B&W makes one for the lens that flares out to about 87mm, it causes no vignetting at all, even with extreme movements, you should only use that one... the cost is about $150.

-- Bill Glickman (, July 17, 1999.

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