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Can anyone give me more info on the CBS y2k series, like when and what time? Thanks in advance Stash

-- Stash (, July 03, 1999


My rusty, unreliable memory recalls that the first segment is scheduled for July 18th on their morning news.

-- Anonymous99 (, July 03, 1999.

I was at a community preparedeness meeting where CBS was filming for a show to be aired Sunday, July 18 - "CBS Morning News with Charles Osgood". They didn't tell us that this was part of a 4-part series though. I read that earlier this week on a thread in this forum.

-- Cheryl (, July 03, 1999.

This doesn't sound like the same series Stash is talking about. The one I believe he is referring to was a 4 part series produced by an independent producer of documentaries that was purportedly bought by CBS to be aired in mid-July. Since Osgood works for CBS, this must be different. When is the 4 part series supposed to air?

-- Jammy (, July 03, 1999.

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