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Could some kind soul let me know how to use EZCD Creator Deluxe to burn MP2 (MPEG Layer 2) files on CD to allow them to be played on a VCD Player (Marantz VCD500). The idea I have is to make some MP2 complilations (ie 12 Smiths, Morrissey, Cure, etc albums on one CD) for easy playback.

I need to know how to burn the files (EZCD Creator rejects my MP2s) and if possible how to encode a whole album as one MP2 file, then index that file for each track.

Thanks in advance for your help

John (Glasgow, Scotland, UK)

-- John Wallace (, July 02, 1999


MP2 is intended for music only. You can not convert this to Video CD nor can you convert MP3 to Video Cd either. You have to reencode the MP2 as a *.wav and then use a capture card to encode the sound to *.avi and then to *.mpg and then to *.dat but for an easier solution you could just outright burn them onto a CD and forget trying to play them on a Video CD Player. Also MP2 and MP3 are not recognized by any CD burner as a correct Video CD file(they acknowledge only *.mpg and *.dat).

-- The Lone Ranger (, July 02, 1999.

EZVCD creator may lack the ability to do this. Try going through the menu page wizard and see if it will allow you to use your MP2 as the audio component of a menu page.

To play an audio only file it must be the audio component of a menu page. You will also need an mpeg still for the menu screen, but they don't take much space.

If the Adaptec software can't do it, you'll need a more sophisticated authoring program.

As far as placing index points in one big MP2, I don't think so.

All this also assumes your VCD player reads Burned VCDs.

-- Sean (, July 02, 1999.

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