Burning VCD from mpg files and read it on saturn with MPG card

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I'm a totally beginner on VCD burning. I use an MPG file to try to burn a VCD with Easy video CD (Adaptec)las version. I want to read it with a Saturn using the MPG card (It should work). THE PROBLEM IS : Easy CD is OK to use my file (correct format), I drag it to left windows for the start sequence, and I lanch the burning. Easy video CD do it during 20 min and eject the CD. When you look at it, it's burned on half of the surface. SO, everything seems OK and simple BUT WHY I DON'T SEE ANYTHING (no files, no folders, so no video too of course !)ON THE CD WITH MY CD-ROM DRIVE ?! The saturn try to read the CD, say there's a track but say to that it's not compatible with the system. WHAT DOES EASY VIDEO CD BURNED ON MY CDR ?!! THERE'S NOTHING ! HELP ME PLEASE, I BEGAN TO BE UPSED BY THIS SO STUPID PROGRAM !! I KNOW IT MUST BE VERY SIMPLE and that I forget something somewhere, but what and where ? What is a .dat file (everybody talk about it but the only video files I know are MOV, AVI, MPG) ? Should I rename my MPG files in .DAT before to burn it ? Does I have to create some Directories somewhere ? The on-line manual present it as very simple so I must be completly stupid I suppose. Thanks so much for answer

-- Eric Dermigny (edermigny@hotmail.com), July 02, 1999


First: Sega Saturn can not read certain CD-R discs. Second: Do not drag the file to the left window. You use the Video CD Creator Wizard in Easy CD Creator Deluxe 3.5 to do the work. Third: Calm down. Fourth: NEVER, EVER, EVER RENAME A FILE IN WINDOWS 95 OR 98. THIS ALWAYS RESULTS IN A BROKEN FILE!!! Fifth: Do not create the directories yourself. Sixth: Forget the On-Line Manual. Seventh: Find a better CD Creator program.

For some stupid reason a bug exists in Adaptec Easy CD Creator Deluxe that when a file is too large it goes into the SEGMENT directory and when too small into the MPEGAV directory. Adaptec does not know when they will address this problem

-- The Lone Ranger (rutger_s@hotmail.com), July 02, 1999.

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