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Recently I purchased a little Honda for commuting to work. I really can't fit in it (It get's stuck on my head when I try to get out. They don't make them in my size.) but I figured I want to do my part to preserve the environment. (Yes, I'm using Y2K as an excuse to get solar pannels.)I still have my Bronco which I use for hauling things (mostly preps nowadays) and other heavy duty work. I had recently heard of some company that makes a replacment computer module that can switch the truck from on road mode, where it get's better milage, to off road, where it has more power. Does anyone know what the name of this company is? And does anyone have any other ideas about increasing the milage of The Beast With Four Tires?

Remember, if you increase the miles per gallon on your vehicle you also increase the cruising range. Those with a site "B" in their plans may find this useful.

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-- eyes_open (, July 02, 1999


eyes, lose the nubby tires as they cut down on mileage and they hurt the little creepy crawlies. relocate to mountain state and have bug-out base at a lower elevation. that way you can coast and save petrol while fleeing the mongol hoardes. also, you can mount laundry pole to vehicle to dry clothes while making your high-speed exit.

a kleen skivvies smooch

-- corrine l (, July 02, 1999.

Corrine is like Tokyo Rose with WAY too much time on her busy little hands.

-- (, July 02, 1999.

Looks like the lucid Corrine is making an appearance today. His/Her/It's multiple personalities seem to come out randomly and that should be the first sign of what a mental disaster this person must be.

A big hug and lobotamy ya dummy

-- eat s**t (, July 02, 1999.

"Tokyo Rose".

very good.

-- Lewis (, July 02, 1999.

Scary thing is, guys, the nubby tire point is valid. But I have on/off roads which are closer to street tires. I am not adverse to getting a second set of wheels with a smaller diameter and purely street tires.

Thanks Corrine, unless you just trying to be funny, in which case, thanks anyway, the tip is good.

So, any word on the computer modules?

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-- eyes_open (, July 02, 1999.


Not enough info...

For starters,

What year is your Bronco?? Is it a full-size or is it a wannabe Bronco II?

I don't know of a "switchable" EEC unit or EEPROM.

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The Dog

-- Dog (Desert, July 02, 1999.


Stayed away from the Bronco II. If I got that I'd have to turn in my "Real Man" card.

It's a '91 with a 302 cid. (That's 5 liters for the young'uns). EFI, Electronic transmission. Ugly paint job. I already found Jet Performance ( They seem to only sell computer modules to boost horse power. IMHO the thing has more power than it needs. I want products that will tune the engine and allow me to get better milage/longer range. And switching back to brute force mode when needed is a plus.

Oh well. Back to the browser for me.

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-- eyes_open (, July 02, 1999.

FWIW, I have a '92 FULL-SIZE Bronco, and a '75 3/4 ton Dodge Power Wagon (OH, OH, OH!!!) for my transportation issues. The Dodge is full- time 4X4, and will basically go anywhere... I ride a motorcycle to work...

I don't think you will find an adjustable power chip like you are wanting for your '91, because the EEC-IV control system configuration requires a piggy-back chip set. You won't get better than 15 MPG anyway you go, pushing a box like a Bronco through the air. Laws of aerodynamics suck... IMHO.

FWIW, I would concentrate on making sure it stays tuned up. The $200.00 plus an aftermarket chip for economy or performance is not what I would consider necessary. For that price, you could buy lots of oil, filters, PCV valves, and spark plugs to keep it running its best... If its a '91, it probably has over 100K on the odometer, and tuneups will need to be done more frequently the older it gets.

Save your money, you might need more ammo....; )

scratchin' an itch...

The Dog

-- Dog (Desert, July 02, 1999.


A Dodge Power Wagon? I drove past a mid '50s era Power Wagon once. Talk about truck-zilla! Dodge must have had a few regular pickup trucks parked too close to those nuclear testing grounds. They mutated in to Power Wagons.

I have to wonder about that 15 MPG limit. I seem to recall Chevy Suburbans getting 18 MPG with a 350 V8. What's with the 302?

If I can squeeze three more MPG out of The Beast, I'll consider the $200 well spent.

And besides, I thought a already bought all the ammo. You mean there's more?

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-- eyes_open (, July 02, 1999.

I have owned a few Broncos in my life, and I know a LOT of people who have Broncos, and 15MPG is the best I have ever heard of... My '92 gets about 12 mpg in town, and about 14 mpg on the highway. The Dodge gets about 6....

good luck,

watchin' the boy eat,

The Dog

-- Dog (Desert, July 02, 1999.

More on the Bronco...

The 302 is almost too small for a full-size Bronco due to its limited torque. My Bronco has a 302 also, and I can definitely tell it needs more torque, and at a lower RPM. Remember it only has a 3" stroke as opposed to a 350 Chevrolet's 3.48". A Bronco with the normal options tips the scales at about 4500 lbs. It is a heavy vehicle for it's size. A Suburban does not weigh much more at about 5000 lbs. I bet the Suburban in question was also two-wheel drive. The axle and the transfer case are an added wieght, and it is a proven fact a front drive axle, even in two-wheel drive mode has more resistance to rolling than a conventional two-wheel drive front spindle.

Also, if you change timing and fuel injector duration with a new computer chip on an older, worn engine, you will see increased wear in the said engine due to it is now working outside its accustomed range it has been in since it is new. That is why you don't recam or add headers to a tired engine looking for more power. All you are doing there is accelerating it's demise. I am not saying your Bronco is tired, I am merely pointing out the "change of calibration" may cause the engine to expire sooner.

If, after reading this you are still adamant about a chip change, check with Hyperchip. I know they have a webpage, and I see their ads in magazines all the time, I just don't have their information at hand at the moment. Granted, you won't be able to change back and forth from economy to power mode, but you will notice a difference in the vehicle. The economy chip will definitely cut your power output, especially above 3000 RPM.

Your other options would be a set of EPA approved headers and a K&N air filter. These will allow the engine to breathe more easily, thus making it more efficient. You will see a MPG improvement, but only if you keep your foot out of the accelerator. Learn to "feather" the pedal. Headers and air filter will set you back a little more than the chip change though, and you will remain emissions legal.

Edelbrock and Ford Motorsports are contacts for the EPA approved headers...,

good luck,

checkin' out the neighbor... (sniff, sniff...)

The Dog

-- Dog (Desert, July 02, 1999.

Thanks a ton. I will weigh my limitted options.

Watch six and keep your...

-- eyes_open (, July 02, 1999.

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