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Hey, i have just got myself a VCD of a friend but have been unable to view it properly. I have a 225MMX (IDT C6) w/64MBRAM and Win95. I am using the player that came with my Diamond Stealth 3D Pro video card, but all i get is skipping. The cd will read the music ahead of the image, then about 45 secs later, skip to where the image should be up to in sync with the music. I adjusted my CD's read ahead buffer but it made no differance. If i copy the *.dat file to my HDD i know it will work, but i dont have the space at all. My cd-rom drive is a sony 24x.

thanks for your help.


-- Evan Taylor (, July 01, 1999


Sorry to tell you this. The drive is too fast for Video CDs. I know a lot of 16x and above drives(some 12x as well) just choke on Video. You have to find a a way to get a slower speed drive and install that as a slave so the program can open it without problems. So far 8x and below are the best for Video CDs.

-- The Lone Ranger (, July 01, 1999.

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