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I have just purchased a Sinar F and an Apo-Symmar 210mm. I would like to get a compendium or equivalent lens hood. Does the Calumet Compendium type fit the Sinar? What do people think of the Lindahl type? The Sinar (add a bellows and standard) method seems designed to add bulk and cost rather than outdoor utility. Movement capability is necessary.

Thanks for any advice,


-- Alan E. Barton (, July 01, 1999


Check into the Lee hoods. They will do just about anything you would want to use them for.

-- Bob Eskridge (, July 01, 1999.

Sinar offers two other versions of lens hood. One is a bellows plus a double jointed small hexagonal accesory rod that attaches to the front standard.

The other is the 100mm filter hood and interconnecting rings.

I haven't usedeither the Lindahl or the Lee hoods, but the Lee sounds more adaptable.

-- Ellis Vener (, July 02, 1999.

Alan, I went through the same problem with my first Sinar, an 8X10 Norma. It's filter rod mounts at a different angle than the latter models so I couldn't just use a rod/bellows/clip. I eventually found the original Norma clip and use that connected to a jointed rod which gives movement in any direction. The jointed rod/bellows/clip is the best solution for movement and light weight. But, by adding the extra standard you can add the Bellows Hood Mask II with adjustable curtains to block out ALL extraneous light and get what you really use a compendium hood for. You can get by cheaper by using a Bellows Hood Mask I and cut out a mask in the same dimensions as the film format you are shooting and insert this into the front. Some may argue this but I think it's important the hood is the same as the format. After market hoods are usually square and will work good on 6X6 medium format.

-- Gary Cunningham (, July 11, 1999.

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